I can't Talk To My Family About This Anymore

My Mom says I hear voices and see things, because I have opened the door to Occult religions and dabble too much on the dark side. I am a christian from a christian family and so against those things, so why would she say that? She literally thinks because I have Monster High dolls at my house it’s letting demons in, and I am on the verge of believing her. It doesn’t help…
My brother says there is nothing wrong with me and is upset with me for trying medication after 2 years without any.
All my other siblings are confused and simply don’t understand. They smirk and make faces if I accidentally say anything too extravagant. I guess I’ll just go back to pretending nothing is wrong at all.
I hate being so alone in this. :frowning:

People often confuse demonic possession with schizophrenia.
While demons are real and attack Christians, chances are those hearing voices are suffering from health problems. Seek a physical explanation whenever possible.
However, throwing off any objects that are related to occult power would also be a good idea.

I used to believe it was demons for a long time, and I went to so many different people for prayer and answers.
I did throw away anything that I could think of to be causing this. I moved from my last apartment, because I wanted to start over and I hoped this wouldn’t follow me, but it did.
After being hospitalized in 2013 I finally decided mental illness is a possibility. Nothing helped, and no doctors or therapists listen to me.
My current psychiatrist and therapist do not take me seriously. I believe I am wasting their time, and I am ready to just give up on all this.

Stop practicing spiritism (if you have any) and read the Holy Scriptures as frequent as you could.

We have a wrestling against the wicked spirit. Resist the devil.

Okay, I have to make this clear.

Every Christian has a wrestling against the wicked spirit, but those who are sick need to seek physician for medication. My Bible teacher told me that I am mentally ill and at the same time am being harassed by demon.

Hope this helps.

I’m sorry. My mom didn’t believe anything was wrong with me for a long time. She just thought I was trying to make drama. What finally changed her mind was when I found a medication that worked, and she could actually see me getting better. Then she finally realized I actually was sick, and there was a treatment for it.

I think the reason so many people try to make it all about demons/willpower/whatever, is because they are scared of the possibility of mental illness. It is a difficult disease, a and some people never get better. So, instead of admitting you have something incurable, they try to find explanations that are easier to cure. If you could be cured by throwing out your monster high dolls, that would be way easier than trying medication after medication until you find the right combination. So that is probably why your mom is attached to that idea.

That does help a little, thank you.
I do believe that the wicked spirits want to attack me, because I am a christian, and I try to read scripture and pray as much as I can.

That could be it, some people can’t accept even the possibility of mental illness. Even I couldn’t, at first.
My Mom is so against medication, she was the one who made me get off my antidepressants in 2013. She makes me promise her I will never take meds, so I keep it a secret that I was recently prescribed 2mg of Abilify. (Which I don’t believe is enough of a dose to help much at all.)
I think I will just have to leave them in the dark for now and do what I have to, because it’s hard enough struggling with my therapist and psychiatrist who seem to think everything happening is because I have anxiety. But I know it is so much more…

Anxiety can cause some serious things, and anxiety is a huge trigger for my hallucinations. I think all of us have anxiety troubles in some form. Do you hallucinate? Yeah, 2mg of Abilify isn’t much, but depending on your weight it might be enough for you.

Yes, anxiety is definitely a big part of my issues. I agree that everyone has it, at least a little. I do have hallucinations, mostly at night. Throughout the day, I mostly have a hard time deciphering what it real and not.
I am 21 and around 135lbs. I didn’t know weight made a difference. After 1 week I am supposed to up to 4mg.

My in laws and my parents both think they have the answer to my illness. My inlaws think my parents are to blame but my parents think its my partner’s fault. My inlaws and parents tell me not to take meds.

Wow, that sounds quite stressful, I’m sorry. :confused:

Thanks, it is my parents blaming my poor partner. Even though my dad has sza too and my aunt is sz.

I don’t think that is fair of them to say, since other family member have it, too.

I was doomed to a life of mental illness. My dad has sza, my mom and my brother have bipolar disorder. I have an aunt and cousin with sz and an uncle with severe anxiety.

You’re fairly tiny, so they probably won’t put you on too much, unless you show you really need it. The same dose is much weaker in someone who is like 160 or so. I think a lot of the bigger guys are on like 30 mg of Abilify. Every case is different though. In the home I worked at, some of the tinier kids were on 20 mg of Geodon, but my doctor said it wouldn’t even be worth it to give me less than 40.

Good luck with everything. Hopefully your parents will come around eventually.

Anxiety that doesn’t go away with the regular medications for it, is one of the symptoms of a psychotic disorder. (schizophrenia, sometimes bipolar) I hope that you keep taking your meds, and that you keep trying until they find the right medication and dose for you. My husband suffered terribly for years, but within the hour of when he took the first pill after his schizophrenia diagnosis, he said it was like all of his suffering was just suddenly taken away.

do you take meds…

I haven’t taken any since 2013, and I was recently prescribed 2mg of Abilify. Very low dose…

why dont you take them? does your parents feel you dont need them , or is that your decision