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I dont know how to help my son. Help please!


Has your son had any testing done? MRI, EEG, Sleep Study, UTI testing and etc? Do not let them just medicate him with out running tests and asking questions. Your sons psychosis could be a secondary symptom. How do you get through to him…find the causation. He is paranoid and can’t stop these thoughts/delusions. There is nothing you can say to him to make him see the truth. He needs proper treatment not juvenile jail.


Yes I agree with oldladyblue, get him help very quickly before he turns 18 or the state will own your son and just push pills down his throat for the rest of his life and probably he will end up in jail. If the state gains control they will never look into anything medical that could be causing these issues for your son. Find a lawyer to gain guardenship of your son. Move very quickly. Your son will need to be medicated but then he could probably come home and you could then start exploring medical conditions that can cause these issues besides schizophrenia alone. He should be in a psychiatric hospital right now not a juvenile jail. Heartbreaking to hear.


Sorry, but I don’t agree. This kid is in jail - he needs help right away. Get him on meds so at least he is more stable. Then it will be a lot easier to do testing, etc.
My son is 14 and had his first real episode in February. He physically attacked me and my husband, and told my husband that I was possessed by a demon and must be killed. He described in detail how I should be dismembered. After 3 days on medication, in the hospital, he was hugging me and saying he loved me - something I hadn’t heard in a long while. The medications certainly aren’t perfect, but they’re a lot better than nothing. I can talk rationally to my son now - most of the time, anyway.


I live in the US. Danville IL to be exact. I hate that my son is in jail. I’m trying everything I can to get him help. The crises worker have to put him in the hospital. When they went to see him she said, him being at JDC (kid jail) he is not a risk to himself or others so she’s not taking him. It’s REALLY hard to find help around here and we’re on the medical card, so that doesn’t help. My heart just brakes for him… When I was in the midst of psychosis, people got threw to me enough that my thoughts were either A: this is really happening and they aren’t seeing it or B: I need some medicine… It was really hard to get help. I ended up lying saying things about killing myself so they’d admit me and help me. It’s really unfortunate. Things need to change. I’m on my hands and knees begging for help. My son is SUFFERING. He was tested in November, prior to them admitting him for 10 days. The typical stay at the hospital here is 5 to 10 days and after care is sometimes impossible to find. That was the problem when he got out in November.



Your son should not be in jail. You should “involuntarily admit” him to a secure mental hospital or ward to have doctors diagnose him officially. Like Shallcrovsaid IT IS VERY IMPORTANT YOU DO THIS BEFORE HE TURNS 18. After that you do not legally have any decision making authority over him. I went through this with my son at 26. Thank goodness he voluntarily admitted. Good luck and you might consult a lawyer if his birthday is approaching.


Do you know how she would go about doing this? Does she need to go to court or get a emergency mental health hold from a county attorney (here that was free - CO).


I would contact a lawyer.


I can’t just take him to a hospital. He has to go threw the crises center. It’s hopeless… The doctor go’s to see him tomorrow. My sons public defender is saying it could take a few weeks to get the results back. Ive been trying to get a hold of her the past couple days. Trying to find out if she can request for my son to be released to me. I’m still waiting for her to call me back… I feel like he’s being punished for having a mental illness. My heart breaks for him.


Unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of money.


You might be able to find one that works on a sliding scale. Or one who will do it pro bono, ie free for charity. Call your state’s bar association.


If my son had been under 18 and having the delusions he experienced, I would have handcuffed him, restrained him in any safe way and taken him to the ER. This is the first stop to being admitted to a mental health facility. Once at a secure facility, he could be diagnosed and be medicated under supervision.

I am dead serious about this.


It so good to get advice from people who have lived w this for a while. I wish I had someone to guide me when I was first confronted w my husband’s psychosis. I relied on books, such as the ones by Dr. Torry. And from my own research on the Web and medical journals. But nothing beats first-hand accounts.


Steph, it is never hopeless. Your life will change and it will be very hard to cope sometimes, but there are very good meds to help your son. He will not be like before. You will have a new son, but one you love and he will love you. He will get better with lots of the right combinations of therapy, counselors, doctors and even receptionists in the mental health field. Never give up, never surrender.


He is WAY bigger than I am. I’m 5’4" 115 lbs. When someone’s in psychosis they have A LOT of strength. HOWEVER, the cops escorted him to the emergency room. IF HES NOT A THREAT TO HIS SELF OR OTHERS THEY WILL NOT PUT HIM IN THE HOSPITAL!!! I am doing EVERYTHING I possibly can. At the end of the day, if u r poor, this is what happens.


I have personal experience with some of it. I don’t have hallucinations. I was asked to post this here to get opinions from “normal” people. I was reluctant because I feel like u don’t know what that person’s going threw. IDK it’s all unfortunate and I’m hoping for a miracle


I sincerely hope you get your miracle🙏


They definitely happen! I’m sending positive energy and prayers your way : )


I got a call back from his public defender, Rebecca… This DOCTOR that was scheduled to go see my son today isnt even a psychiatrist. He’s a psychologist. She said he will not prescribe any medicine. BUT I don’t think he went to see him today. Waiting for a call back from supervisor at the jail. Am I n the twilight zone? All this time, 3 weeks. She gave me a different view. She said its up to me to get him into a Dr. The damn court is NO help… Good news though. I called my sons physician. He made a referral to the pavilion. Something about stat. Sorry, hard to keep everything in order. I tried to call my sons public defender back because I’m sure she’s gonna have to do things on her end like talk to states attorney and judge, contact jdc about transporting him over. Fingers crossed that this all go’s smoothly. Thank u all very much for the prayers and positive energy. It’s appreciated.


Good job Steph! It sounds like things will fall into place. Keep pushing - you’re a great advocate for your son! This is not easy stuff - seems like a moving target at times.


I didn’t know I could do that. Someone told me I had to go threw the crises workers. I’m just happy the ball is rolling.