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I don't know what to do!

My husband is schizophrenic but does not believe he is. He hears voices constantly but believes them to be a “security company/government agency” with people that are stalking and harassing him. I can not convince him to get help. If I ever bring it up he either gets violently mad or completely withdrawn and hides in the dark. The problem is he is also good at masking it when he wants to. If I were to call the police or anyone, he could act as if nothing is wrong. How do I possibly get him on medication that he most desperately needs? I am at my wits end and have thought about leaving him many times, but I love him. We have been together 20 years but these last 2 years have been a living hell! I have battled with my own depression from childhood trauma. I feel so helpless!

I have no words of wisdom or comfort, I am afraid, but I just want to let you know that you are not alone. I have also been with my husband for nearly 20 years, and the last four years have also been awful for us, since his diagnosis of schizophrenia. He has been hospitalised twice for long periods of time, and now, just over the last few days, he is falling into a psychosis again. But there’s nothing I can do. He needs to be a danger to himself or others, and he isn’t, so they can’t force him to accept treatment. It’s horrendous, and I truly think that even worse than the disease is this protection of patient autonomy that makes it worse. It’s awful how they give people with no insight or capacity the right to refuse treatment, when I know for a fact that if my husband was well, he would want to take the medication.

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This is exactly my problem! Since he has yet to be a danger to others, I can’t force him into care! It makes me almost wish he would do something that made the neighbors call the police, as AWFUL as that sounds! If you don’t mind me asking, does your husband gain any insight into his disease when he is hospitalized? Does he understand that he is sick? Mine absolutely believes that he is right, that there is nothing wrong with him! I want to get him hospitalized but I just don’t know HOW!

My boyfriends adult son has schizophrenia. Has been hospitaluzed numerous times. All I can suggest is, while your men are in the middle of ranting or a state of phychosis, your best bet ate the police. Tell them your afraid for their safety, your safety and the safety of the public. Try to talk with the police about getting him in for a psych evaluation. The more calls that are made concerning their mental status means that much more of a history with the police. Eventually, they will have to listen and do something to assist yourconcerns. Also if they have a. Primary doctor or mental health provider, you being theyre wife, should meet with you about your concerns and getting them the help they so desperatly need. Because. Mymans relative, had been experiencing psychosis and paranoia over thecourse of about the last year, wouldnt seek medical help, and ended up killing someone because of his belief of them being a stalker. Dont give up! Your loved one needs you to do everything in your power. Even if that means taking it before a judge to have them ruled as incapacitated and ordered to a psych eval.