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I feel guilty to let him go out of home

Hi to all of you we are survivors and i think it’s the most difficult that we see them suffering and we can’t help and tell them to take medicine and we know the side effects
And more i am guilty because we forced our son to go away from home ((to force him to take his medication and if he take them than he can come back)) i am reading all your stories and found that your loved one still with you at home
Our son hates us and he wants to kill us
And why all sz hates their parents even if we don’t we haven’t problem with them before
I miss him so much and if i call him he will begim to fight with me and tell all kind of bad words
Don’t know what to do
My heart is with all of you its the most bad thing can happen to anyone


It is a terrible, heart wrenching, decision to force your child from their home. Several times when I should have, I just couldn’t do it. I finally saw a therapist who helped me make the needed changes - lay out the house rules and consequences if they’re broken, and follow through with those consequences when the time comes. I’ve never worried more in my life, just sick with worry, when my son had to leave. But it was the right decision. There must be boundaries and rules. Ours were simple - take medication and don’t do drugs. Now my son is home again.

Is there a counselor or therapist you can see, or a NAMI or other support group you can join? Understanding family members helped me immensely. And also, always, we’re here to listen. Take care.


So happy that’s your son is at home again
We don’t have NAMI we live in lebanon
But we have psychotherapist and we follow their advices that when he is on medication again he can come back home
Can i ask you how did he give up from drugs and how he begins to take again his medication? Did he went to hospital and for how long? Does it help?
Thank you for your support :heart:


Hi Rida,
you are doing the right thing! You should not live in fear. if you let your son come home without taking medication your life would be terrible and you and your husband would be in danger. Your son is not able to care about you and your feelings while he is not on medication. So do not feel bad about what you are doing. it is the only way he will get better.


My son’s drug of choice was marijuana. While most people can smoke pot with no ill effects, with extended use it leads my son to have psychotic episodes. He started drug rehab several times but quit. The typical pattern was he would stop medication, start smoking pot within days or weeks, have a psychotic episode, and then get hospitalized. The first time, he was in the hospital three or four days. The last time, three weeks, then released too early, then back a few days later for about four weeks. Each time he is hospitalized his psychosis is worse and recovery takes longer.

The hospital treatment is only to get him stabilized just enough for release, really. But while he’s there he is medicated and can’t take drugs. In that sense it helps.

I suppose it’s a combination of factors that have led him to give up drugs (for now, at least) : 1) I think that although he attended and quit rehab a few times that maybe some of the message sunk in. 2) He realizes that with continued marijuana use his episodes are getting worse. 3) In the hospital he was with some people who took drugs, became psychotic, and stayed psychotic, and it scared him. He’s said he doesn’t want to lose his mind forever. 4) Maybe an element of maturity? 5) Staying off drugs is a house rule and he knows he’ll be homeless if he goes back to drugs.

Why he’s decided to take his medication again: 1) He knows his anti psychotic medicine works. 2) His doctor is a proponent of using the least dosage that’s effective. 3) He seems to like his doctor. 4) Taking his meds is a house rule.

This journey has been one of twists, turns, hard climbing, and multiple setbacks. We’re on steadier ground now and I’m grateful for that.

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So happy for you and for your son i hope that always he stays stable and thank you for your information :heart: