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I have a rare neurological disease intercranial hypertension in my brain, linked to sleepless nights

my family was an unbelievable crisis this Christmas.
since I have had the results of an mri
I am sure that my schizophrenia and kamikaze approach to my life has played a part in me getting a neurological condition 20 x more likely if you are obese

I recognise a long history of not being careful about myself and when I stopped smoking I began to chip away at my life expectancey by 3 h nights sleep on a very regular basis and on the internet (I am so addictive)

it can happen if you stay awake at night is that it makes it impossible for you not to try to compensate due to eating appetite

so 13 years later although recently I have had = a near healed sleep aversion process
a lot of increased appetite in the interim years and have gained 2 stone putting me obese for about 2 - 3 yrs including now

all I want to do is stay up and sleep less and eat lots
the chances go from 1 in 100,000 to 20 in 100,000
for obese women

If Iose another 10 per cent of my body weight and keep it off
I could then cure it most likely

I am not well versed yet in this illness
I will find out everything I can
is there a way of losing weight ?
most people are stuck with their fat.
I cant believe that that includes me but I think it does

30 per cent lose all vision

Sigh, I am so sorry to hear of your new diagnosis.

Losing weight is a struggle for most people, both my daughter and I are trying to take off pounds. The best advice I got from my doctor was

“Eat good food. Plenty of it. Mostly vegetables.”

We have cut down drastically on potatoes, pasta, bread and dairy. We eat lots of veggies, cooked or raw, and salads. Not as much meat. And we really try to stick to QUALITY foods. Plus vitamin/mineral/protein supplements. I am down 15 lbs.

I wish you the best in figuring things out.

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Oh my, three, I am so sorry.

I do my best at losing/maintaining weight when I make meals from scratch. There is something about the food preparation process that seems to satisfy my appetite as well. And prepackaged/processed foods are so easy to eat in excess.

Are you familiar with Michael Pollan’s work? He emphasizes cooking at home (eg eat all the French fries you like as long as you start with the raw potatoes!) and sums up his advice as “Eat real food. Not too much. Mostly vegetables “.

Hard to go wrong with self prep plus these principles.

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