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“I’m begging you as a mother, if she comes in, please don’t sell her a gun

I hadn’t even realized I had this sort of protection from my son buying a gun - and now its gone… He has purchased guns in the past “to protect himself”. This is what makes my son dangerous and what makes the local law enforcement advise me to NOT force him on medications. Because of his past, they have to deal with him as though he is armed for their own safety. The officer who gave the advice said these sort of situations - like my son presents- would only escalate with each occasion and end tragically.

Even though he has never used a weapon against anyone, the possibility exists that in a psychotic state he would hurt someone he thought was invading his apartment.

He is like many who suffer from paranoia due to schizophrenia, more afraid than dangerous. Problem is the fear can turn dangerous when he is confronted and terrified.

My son only wants a weapon when he is sick. It’s usually an early warning sign to us.

The first time my son bought a gun I was shocked. We aren’t gun people. I tried to talk with a close friend about it, she thought my concern was silly. I have learned that whenever something bothers me, I need to listen to me.


I hide all my kitchen knives too. My son is the most gentlest of persons until his illness takes over. It’s better with medicine and we cannot give him the choice. He is on an Abilfy maintains shot 400 which is equivalent to 20 mg. Has this been effective for anyone else here?

Geodon worked well for mine the week he took it. When my son lived inside with us we tried to hide everything that was a potential weapon. My son is good about staying home on his bad days and keeping himself inside his apartment. He’s not allowed to come outside when his dad is home. Seeing his dad triggers his psychosis. So far he has complied with this rule.

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