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I nee your advice

I have to leave my son to provide for him and I’m thinking to hire someone, I "m wondering, if he will be comfortable , I need someone , to make sure, he takes his medications, he is 28 and until recently he was independent,
thank you

Lots of workers in the mental health caring field are quite nice. They go into that line of work because they want to help people. They go into that field because they are good at helping people. So I think it’s a good idea if you can afford it. Those people are good with people and lot of them are likable and easy to be around. Of course just like a lot of jobs you get a few of those workers who are not good at what they do.

But yeah, it might not hurt to try this for your son, right? You can interview several of them and see if your son likes them and if he is comfortable with them and if he is, then you can try it. If you hire someone and it’s not working out than you can always fire them and try a new one.

thank you for your idea, sounds great

Well, if he’s been independent for awhile, he’ll want to have some say in the matter. It would be good if you could work it around so that your son thinks it is his idea.


His medication prescriber will probably have a social worker in tow who can set you up with qualified, bonded, home help.

he is not in US, no social worker there, I couldn’t afford to hire someone in US anyway , I had to send him to my country, even he is US citizen, after trying to get some help in emergency room in beth Israel hospital in NYC, he never got, Dr. told me, without insurance, can’t help…Dr. said, he is fine to travel, and I sent him and it is miracle, he made it alive…