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I need help.. I believe it’s Schizophrenia

I’m 18 years old, I stopped going to school mid way of my senior year when my brother started acting out and assaulting people around our house because they were “talking” about him. He started looking out windows, saying he was the rapper Tupac that died and he reincarnated in him. I stayed home and helped my parents as my dad worked and my mom is sick. We weren’t informed enough back then where I could call the police and tell them what’s going on when he hit someone. Now it started again, he says everybody is talking about him (including me), and today he had an outburst on two of my dads friends saying to stop talking about him, and that he didn’t “rape” her. He had a girlfriend for about 7 years and they broke up because “ she was talking about him. “ I’ve talked to her, at first she thought he was on drugs. And also he asked me “ What did my dad do to you? “ and it shocked me that he asked me that considering he knows I’ve been sexually molested as a child by my aunts husband, but never my dad. I’m crying cause I really don’t know what to do…

You’re 18 and your family home isn’t a peaceful place?

Start college, move into a dorm.
Or go talk to an Air Force recruiter.

Either way, be decisive and start building your own life.

Hello Daliss,
Because I am not familiar with your situation it is hard for me tell you what is the right thing to do for your family.
These are such trying and hard times. We love our family members. If your brother is assaulting people and you in your household, it could lead to more violent acts. I would agree that you should remove yourself from the situation, especially if your brother is not medicated.
Talk to your parents first about how you feel. Your brother needs professional help. Be careful.
Call a crisis center and make a report, they can probably help you.
Be safe, AnnieNorCal

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Hi Daliss , sorry to hear your having a hard time , i would call NAMI and get some good advice from them , they are very helpful .

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I’m so sorry this is happening to you, your brother, and your family. Please don’t take too much on yourself. If this is a serious mental illness, your brother needs medical treatment and other supports and services. What he says to you that is hurtful and shocking comes from symptoms of the illness, but it still hurts. It is not a judgement on him to make distance or withdraw a little bit; it’s you protecting yourself when his illness is too acute for him to behave like himself.