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I need help our daughter may be schizophrenic

We found out that my ex wife had schizophrenia as well as a brother and a nephew. We are extremely worried that my daughter may be as well & has been for a long time, I just don’t know if what I am seeing is schizophrenia can someone please help? She is 33 and a single mom but is living with her boyfriend and her daughter, I’m going to be as clear and concise as possible over the last 8 years she has really changed for some reason, we babysat our granddaughter during the s to help out with daycare and we love our granddaughter but our daughter started to say that all Layla talks about is how fun we are and how much she loves us and my daughter actually said what is so great about grandma and grandpa and told her she didn’t want to hear it anymore. This is what I was told. That winter we moved to a new house and we saw our granddaughter once & then our daughter stopped answering the phone or text for months and months I left message that we wanted to see Layla and never got a reply. Finally she called me and was mad because we didn’t see Layla anymore and the girl really missed us & would cry and cry because she missed us & that is a terrible way to treat this girl. I told her that I called every other day and left messages because I want to see her but you didn’t get back to me & we are not allowed to just stop by ever with out her saying that I can because mom told me that you were being beaten by your boyfriend after you asked her not to which makes no sense & if Layla is crying and you knew it what is wrong with you why didn’t you call or bring her over? I got mad at her & told her she is a horrible person to do that & that just caused her to not allow us to see her for an entire year almost. The only reason I did get our granddaughter is she moved in with a new boyfriend and needed us to babysit again. That’s when I found out that they drank beer and played video games all night and took turns sleeping all day while my granddaughter is in her room all day long being quiet and lonely thinking G&G didn’t Love her anymore because she was told that by mommy. I told my daughter that what she did was horrible and you did it because Layla thought we were fun and funny and we played with her and would make her favorite food and everything else that grandparents do & we did this 5 days a week free to let you save money on day care & you get jealous of the that telling me that you are sick of hearing about us and telling me you guys are not that great & keeping her from us because of that. We barely see our granddaughter even now because of our daughter things are escalation quickly our daughter has been telling our other kids lies about things that we said and has done it with my parents as well and I am just finding out more about this every day. She has been destroying the relationship with our kids and parents because she doesn’t want us to have anything with anyone else I think. She is telling horrible lies and when confronted with the truth about it doesn’t seem to bother her she just continues lying until the people want nothing to do with us and we find out why months later and it’s not easy to fix. I have a terminal lung disease and she refuses to even admit it she said that she is focused on my being alive instead of dying like everyone else. I asked her exactly how are you doing that because you don’t ever see me or call me or answer any calls. So how do you focus on my being alive? She just shrugged. She has no empathy for anyone but her self she is lying to everyone about us to come between us and the other kids and parents and then wants nothing to do with them either. She will call & just freaks out about something someone did for an hour and then say by and hang up. I know that I am not saying a lot but can she be schizophrenic? The things she is doing isn’t normal for anyone. I think that things are going to explode very soon and then everyone is going to know what she is doing and saying & it’s going to be bad for her. Thanks for any insight

I am very sorry that you have a bad situation you are trying to handle for your family and your granddaughter, Layla.

Whether your daughter has schizophrenia or not is going to be hard for anyone here to say. Even doctors can’t usually diagnose it right away. If your daughter is hearing voices, or has strong delusions of paranoia or grandiose situations, it might be easier to say if it is sz. No matter what it is, if she is suffering from a mental illness and doesn’t see that she has one, that makes it very hard for you to help her. The majority (over 60%) of people with schizophrenia don’t see that they have it. It is called anosognosia.

Come here to this site and read, join a local NAMI if you are in the US, pick up books on the subject. The eduction will help you decide what the possible illness is. However, it is very difficult to get someone who doesn’t feel they are mentally ill to accept any help. Wishing you good luck. Don’t give up hope.