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I need help with my boyfriend


My boyfriend is diagnosed with schizophrenia and he tells me that ever since he was a child, he has had an “imaginary friend” that tells him what to do.
We have been together for many years now but recently this “friend” has been in the way of our relationship and we cannot kiss or hug, even futher. I would like to be in an affectionate relationship with him, but every time we are he says this “friend” gets angry.


How old is he? Often little children have these imaginary friends, but as the time passes they go away. Does he see this imaginary friend in his visual hallucinations, if then meds should help.


He’s 20. He’s been on at least four different meds and none have been affective towards this one “person”. I call it imaginary friend because he talks to it, but I’m sure it’s one of his hallucinations.


I do not know how to help you but I am sure that being with a sz person can be energy requiring. Just wondering is he selfish? meaning that this imaginary friend is always the first person in his life.


It depends. I think that sometimes he tries to push aside this person and talk to me more and we have a normal relationship and have conversations, but everyday there is an outburst and he gets very aggressive towards me and himself.


Maybe you’d both be better off if you found a new bf? You don’t want to cause problems between him and his invisible friend. :wink:


Have you talked to his psychiatrist about this problem? It sounds like he might not be on the right dose of meds if he’s still that delusional.


I’m sorry this this hitting you.

My Imaginary people didn’t leave until I was 24. I needed stronger meds and getting clean and sober to make them go away.

The angry outburst… I also used to have those.

I’d say do some research on this illness… knowledge is power. …an overview of symptoms … general information

For yourself… national organization and helped my family understand me better.

Good luck and hope you find some answers.


We’ve talked about separating but I don’t think he’d do well on his own and he doesn’t think he would either.

And about his doctor, he’s been on four different medications and the doses fluctuated to see which worked and there has been nothing to stop it, which makes it more frustrating.


He probably needs a more holistic approach. Psychosis causes brain damage. He needs to stop that process and try to reverse it. So he needs an excellent diet, regular exercise - preferably quite hard, so weights, running, cycling, swimmin, etc. And preferably learning something new. Can you go on a health kick and encourage him to join you? You don’t need to make it about his sz, you’re both young so its a very normal thing to do. Those things have made a huge difference for my son.


Thank you for the advice, I’ll read the pages.


This sounds like great advice, I’ll try it. It’s very hard to encourage him to do things, I do sports in my own time and try to get him to join but he never wants to.


Maybe point out to him that exercise helps prevent depression. Often men are violent or aggressive because they are depressed. It may help him a lot.


now this is interesting.

I too had the fear too of being touched due to many issues.
But usually guys have no problem with that part and helped get me through it.

I know sz can screw things up but maybe he just just needs testosterone or Viagra?
Or maybe his meds cause impotence or interferes with sex drive?
I had excuses too when my drive was not strong. But patient boyfriends and friends are good.