I need help with my Mother!

I am new to this and currently trying to figure how to handle this situation in the best way possible for everyone. My mother and I got into a heated argument and fight the other night. She pulled a gun on my boyfriend threaten to shot him.

I was terrified, I acted immediately, I was able to get the gun out her hands and contain her. She went off the handle with cussing and calling me names, she has never done such a thing or made any suggestion of this before. She then at one point threatened to kill herself. I was able to restrain her enough to calm her down, unfortunately I had to let her go to call the cops.

She took off in her vehicle, driving extremely fast. This is me putting my foot down, for everyone’s safety. I believe this my mother cry for help. I do not know how to help her, so this me asking anybody with advice PLEASE!

My mother has had a history with depression, drug abuse (pain medication), and at times has anger issues. She has seemed more isolated than usual, believes her husband (my stepfather) hates her, people at work don’t get her and are after her or plotting against her.

She is extremely negative and pessimistic. Nothing seems to make her happy, she sits and watches tv all the time it seems. When we have been at parties or social events with friends, I have noticed she will stare off and zone out. She sleeps all the time!! Claims she doesn’t sleep at night, but can doze off while sitting at the table and have her face laying the plate. She just recently lost her mother this past july, and is what seems always a fight with my stepfather. Says outlandish things that are extremely dark and then tells me that I should forget she said that.

Even one of her best friends asked me if she was ok and why she was angry all the time. The things she said the other night was not my mother. I know she didn’t mean what she said or call me. My stepfather is more embarrassed about me calling the cops, than worried about what my mother did, try to do, and say or safety of her or us. He is in denial and thinks this can be shoved under the rug.I refuse to ignore this, I want to help her, I want my mother back.

I will take advice or help please!!!

Hi - and welcome to the family forums. That is a very dangerous situation. Here is some info on how to handle situations like this - for you and everyone else in your family:


Here is a “Frequently Asked Questions and Answers” that also covers the issues that you’re faced with:

ALso - I recommend you contact your local NAMI and discuss with people there your options on how to get her into treatment:

Lastly - here is some reading on assisted treatment:

Hope that helps.

Thank you so much!!!

Really sorry for your situation. Your mom is really hurting and this must be really hard on you.
Please look into the NAMI non profit organization. They have an amazing amount of resources for families and can help with guidance in your situation. There are several support groups and if you attend, will realize you are not alone. It’s important to keep yourself safe and healthy.