What can I do about this?

My mother is sending me to another place after I was already released just a little over a week ago from a mental ward. And the worst part is, I didn’t do anything this time. It was just because my anger. I don’t want to go, even though they’re telling me it’s not going to be that bad and is only going to be for a few days, because the last time I was told that and went to a hospital I stayed for 3 weeks and had the worst experience in my life that I would never want to relive again. PLEASE HELP!

What kind of anger are you talking about? I know you said the last time you went it was because your grandfather discovered you had tried to get in the gun safe so you could kill your family and yourself. I can understand that your family might overreact to anger from you after that, they were probably very frightened. Are you still angry in the same way?

Also, can you explain what was bad about the last time you went to the hospital?

Converse with @Rhubot. He/she can help you.