I think my dad may be schizophrenic

My father was recently rushed into hospital because he was suffering from bilateral pneumonia. He nearly didn’t make it and they ended up sedating him to keep him asleep, putting him on a ventilator and later on he had a full tracheotomy.

The thing is, when he came out of hospital he started ranting and raving about how he was part of a police sting to catch a major cyber criminal but they thought it was him and he was being made to react to things that weren’t even happening just to test him to see how he’d react in certain situations. He was convinced that every single person on the ward was incestuous and were all related in strange ways like being their brother’s uncle or something. He was also convinced that none of them were there and they were all 3D holograms that you can’t walk through, it was like a third consciousness he says. He also says the ward wasn’t real and he was just placed there in the fake ward to catch the criminal. He also is convinced that people visited him that didn’t or couldn’t have visited him…

He has dreadful mood swings where one minute he’ll be happy and joyful and the next he’ll be screaming and shouting and being awfully rude to us. He was never like this before hospital. On his discharge papers, it stated that he was schizophrenic but he has never been diagnosed it and he is now 45 which seems a bit late for it to develop. I don’t know what’s going on and I’m scared. He was NEVER like this before.

He’s convinced everyone is watching him through lamp posts or through satellites, and he is convinced there are cameras and robots in the house that will record and relay all of the information that goes on in the house to the police who are watching him. I just don’t know what to do.

I don’t know if this was a delusion he dreamed up while in a sedated state and came out believing it, or he truly is schizophrenic. He refuses to believe he is, but I’m starting to wonder… I need help and advice, please.

Has he had his vitamines and minerals checked? I’ve heared you can get B12 insufficiency if you are sedated a lot or a long time. But that will make you light headed, tired, anxious. I have a friend who had it.

Traumatic things can make you psychotic. Have you talked with the hospital, if something traumatic happened, like he woke up during surgery or something.

Well I know he had to be resuscitated at one point because he stopped breathing completely and his heart stopped. He got given liquid resuscitation.

He has had everything checked before he was discharged and all of his levels were perfectly normal except liver function but they said that was normal considering he’s recovering from pneumonia still.

it is schizophrenia or at least a temporary psychosis, talk to a psychiatrist asap.

He is just refusing and it’s honestly scaring me. He doesn’t believe he has it at all and is refusing to speak to anyone about it. That’s what’s concerning me.

It seems like he could be experiencing late onset schizophrenia or some other form of psychosis.

You may find some very useful information here on schizophrenia and it’s causes, treatment etc.

I would perhaps talk to the hospital staff and question where the schizophrenia note came from. Was it an official evaluation from a psychiatrist or is someone assuming based on his current actions that he was already diagnosed with it.

Early Psychosis Treatment center information in these two links


Psychiatric Treatment Centers affiliated with Medical Schools in the USA

This link may help you find a psychiatrist in your area

If it is psychosis and not a temporary reaction to his experience then getting him into an early treatment program should help him cope and hopefully make treatment easier.

It could just be a psychosis related to something else.

I have heard of people (I think I was one of them) that experience symptoms of Schizophrenia and don’t realize it until they experience a trauma. I would assume its because the sz is mild and not harassing.

I think back now and I definitely had symptoms from a very early age that I always assumed were either normal or due to something else. I still wonder if “normal” people can hear their own voice inside of their heads the way I always have.