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I’ve read some of your stories had miracles

Lift my spirit, give me some light of hope if it’s not coming from our afflicted loved ones to have insight, then maybe yours has some beautiful side of the story?


Totally understand what you are talking about
Hang in there
We were just having a great conversation about being positive on “the myth of the chemical cure “(topic on forum board)about the illness…
You must be like all of us in a way where we can come together And we are not alone.
Hope you acknowledge that even in a sky filled with rain clouds
The sun also exist…
Seasons change and it may be winter
But soon it will be spring .

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my schizophrenia story is a miracle but its my loved ones schizophrenia and enduring psychosis which have been tragic and nightmarish
I however have been married 9 years and no hospital since 2006 after 20 yrs of deteriorating psychotic which include (at least 3x) year long episodes