iCBT - Internet Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

The Internet Therapist: adherence to Internet CBT compared to face to face CBT

Before we start I have to disclose I am a great believer in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) delivered using digital technology. I have sat through many clinics seeing patients over and over again who were in what felt like a perpetual holding pattern waiting for psychotherapy and never quite getting it, in spite of my many referral letters. In fact, this got to be so frustrating that I started a company that develops applications to deliver these and other types of non-pharmacological treatments. The need for therapy is such that there is no other way to reach the millions that need it.

Further resources on CBT

This could be a great answer to people who are unsure about CBT and want to get a sample…

I could see myself using this as a refresher when I need to review, and revisit the coping techniques and mindfulness and stress/anger management…

Until CBT exponents stop neglecting the effects of bad experiences, and pushing a " It wasn’t a bad experience just your faulty thinking at play", then I will never be a fanboi of CBT.

I did some research on this site, its worth about 50K and the advertisements you see at the top of every page are a solicitation for CBT.

Since my my onset was late in my mid 20’s I learned what I needed to know before the onset of SZ.

Can CBT help those with early onset, most likely…

At one point I had the best therapist there could be, and it did not help me, instead I had to relie on medication. When I was in the first hospital I was over medicated. I rejected those meds. I struggled for over seven years without any meds but kept a steady job. I was lucky before my onset, I was fully educated in a trade (mechanical). I was so good at what I was doing, others who did not have SZ couldn’t even compete against me I was that smart.

It took a REALY patient Pdoc to treat me, the problem was, even though I was sick I was able to work, the meds that could help were suggested by me and thank God it worked. In fact with the optimized meds for me are so effective for me, my Pdoc has suggested im stable that to meet once every 6 months has been talked about.

Not a big fan of CBT as well.

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