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Illicit drug use

My 24 yo sz son has lost over 30 lbs since Summer. In October he started complaining of severe lower back pain. He went to many drs and specialists and they thought maybe a disc problem and he did physical therapy and minimal drugs to ease pain. He even told drs no pain killers like opioids bc he has addiction in his past. So as he keeps trying to figure out where his back pain is from I am wondering about other problems. He hangs with only one friend an older woman and her boyfriend. They are inseparable. Since this friendship he has lost all this weight, Barely eats or sleeps while working 2 jobs.Now I feel I’m my gut he is hooked on amphetamines. Many family members have commented on his appearance. He lives on his own. I don’t know how to help him. He denies drug use other than pot. I am afraid to confront bc in the past when he has lied and disappointed ya he has been suicidal. How can I help hin? I wAnt those other “friends “ out of his life


offer him a vacation, duel purpose facility a block from the beach, worked for me as a start to ECT… out of state gone for 6 months cured this:

to this


to this, two years clean and she functions, drives…


Hi Sandy , sorry to hear your troubles , i would try and tell him that he needs to do a yearly preventive exam for the health insurance and speak with your doctor prior to see if he could check if he has amphetamines in his system . I did that with my son and Thank GD he was clean . Is he seeing a therapist ? is he diagnosed with any MI ? Tell him that you love him and concerned about him and no matter what or if he has taken anything that you won’t be angry or upset with him and that you are worried for him and maybe he should see a therapist or doctor to help him on the right track .


Yes I’m going to try to get psych doc to say he needs to check drug levels bc if all the new meds he’s on. He has schizophrenia since age if 15. He knows we’re getting concerned bc he tells me he’s eating and gaining wght. We def don’t judge him. We just want him to be safe


Update passed drug test but has lost 40 pounds after he started having back/hip pains 4 months ago. Very confused what’s going on. He is irritable and frustrated .

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Sounds to me that returning to the doctors for more tests would be the next step. It is very frustrating when they aren’t finding the underlying cause. He should report not only the back pain but unexplained weightloss.