I'm a proud mama


my daughter graduates with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interdepartmental Studies/Health Sciences and a Psychology minor with an Emphasis in Aging Studies, wow, that’s alot to
put on a resume! You Go girl!

I’m very proud of her, all that while her mom was psychotic 1/2 the time, very proud :slight_smile:
and with her Dad, Pee Wee Herman…

I keep explaining this stuff to my daughter, dopamine, etc. I think it has been the correct way to handle this mess. I believe it’s better for a kid to know what’s going on, and to learn how to cope. others said, my god, don’t say anyting! I think that’s the wrong approach. So, all you experts out there, I told her, look at her now :slight_smile:


Good for her.You must have done something right.


WOW!!!..congratulations for both you and your daughter…


also nicehat…give yourself a pat on the back…you can be damn sure your experience helped her in her insight for psychology! :smiley: