Congrats to my wife

my wife has been diagnosed bipolar for the past 7 years and just graduated massage therapy college. I am so proud of her i had to share. Great Job!!!

Congratulation,it seems she’s been tough and come a long way to achieve this,congrats

Congratulations to your wife and you. It’s really nice to know such a motivational stories. Good on both of you…:slight_smile:

Thank you all, especially since i have been suffering with sz for 15 years. Its great to see her succeed where i have failed (college). I’m so proud of her.

Congratulations. That inspires me to be responsible.

update: she just got a job in her field making quite a bit of money. we will be able to get things we need, like a car, house, etc. which we definitely need as we support my dad who just got out of texas state hotel a couple months ago (prison) and will be able to prosper. thank you all for your support. we would also like to have kids together even though we both have 1 from a previous relationship.

that is awesome. so glad you shared. i would like to hear how she did it. has she had periods where she didn’t function? We need some hope from your story.

She had her ups and downs, especially dealing with my episodes, but she made it through it despite having class all day monday through thursday and working thursday to sunday, she did great . and thats why im proud of her

Thanks so much for sharing – really appreciate hearing positive news in this forum.


That’s really great! My mom is also a massage therapist and she loves her work. And how nice if you get treated to a professional massage every now and then :smile: