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Improving the safety of mental health care (UK survey)

Hello and thank you for clicking through to this survey. My name is Kathryn Berzins, I’m a researcher at the University of Leeds where I do research about mental health care.

This survey is to find out what people think about how safety in mental health care can be improved. This might include treatments like taking medications, the behaviour of service users or staff, or the ward environment.

The survey has two other purposes. I’m interested in starting up a virtual (email based) interest group to help inform our research. If you’d be interested in finding out more about this group then you can agree to receive more information.

I’m also looking for people to interview (by telephone) to ask them for more detail about their experiences and opinions. Please tell me during the survey if you would like to be contacted about this.

The survey should take about 15 minutes to complete, you can do it in more than one visit and none of your answers will be submitted to the project until you press submit. This means you can change your mind about taking part up to this point. You can skip most questions if you don’t want to answer them, although I’ve had to make a couple compulsory to make sure you are eligible and are asked questions relevant to whether you see yourself as a (ex)service user, carer or professional. All participants can also opt to be entered into a prize draw for one of four £25 vouchers.

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