In hospital and no improvement schizophrenia daughter

I had my daughter committed as she was getting sick again. I found a 11 month supply of her unopened meds after they took her. She’s angry and refusing medical help. The meds they started aren’t working. Even the injection of clopixol. I’m worried for her. They want to send her to another facility. She has no insight. It’s hard to see this happen again and her behavior takes a toll on us at home. I feel bad in so many ways.

Sorry flyingeagle. It doesn’t sound like there is much that you can do. This is not your fault. Sending love.

I echo Barbie’s sentiments on this. I do hope that things will improve for your daughter.

@flyingeagle. Do you mind if I ask if you are the same flyingeagle on the old forum? If so I remember you and your daughter.

I am praying for you.

While the first beneficial results of medications frequently takes only a few days, in some people I know they say that it can take as many as to 8 weeks for medications to become effective in some people. Don’t give up - there are a lot of different medications out there:

Yes. She’s been in hospital 1 week. And yes I was on the old forum. It’s scary. I will never give up.

**Its hard when this keeps happening. Hopefully they will try some other meds. Take care of yourself while shes there. My son was hospitalized more times then I can count. Things do get better. **

    tell the doctor that you want a gene 

study, and look for these genetic traits in your daughter. if she has these
genes, perhaps something like prednisone may work,d.b2k

Schizophrenia is a TH2 dominant autoimmune disease possibly against
acetylcholine receptors of CNS

or perhaps a med like Mestinon (pyridostigmine bromide), i just got
some of that because i have symptoms of he autoimmune response against
acetycholine in my muscles.

I think the response in my muscles and my brain are the same, but the doctors say MG is a disease only for the muscles. But then a neurologist diagnosis MG, and a pdoc diagnosis Sz, 2 different people, and we all know doctors don’t talk to one another

things are tough enough at that age as it is. Teen yes? at any rate we constantly mature and grow throughout our lives. keep an eye on that too not just meds and sz.

@flyingeagle…your daughter will come round in time, it just takes time. Don’t get frustrated. Us schizophrenics need to trust people, sometimes we don’t trust the doctors but we do much better when people are supportive and understanding. By the way, Im like your daughter. I rarely take meds. Havent taken any in the past year. I have a stockpile of them in my bedroom. Personally I don’t believe in their efficacy. Don’t be too hard on your daughter as these tabs have bad side effects and theyre not proven to work.

By the way, when you have some time to yourself, you should book a holiday for yourself. The vacation will do you good.

Otherwise make sure to make some time for yourself to spend with family, extended family or friends. Talk openly as a problem shared is a problem halved. It helps a lot to confide in others. and trust me, it will help ease your stress.

You have my sympathy. Sz can be terribly frustrating. Hopefully, your daughter will gain some insight to her illness. You mind need to practice some “detachment with love”.

Treatment can take much longer, especially since she has worsened and non medicated for so long. I found that I wasn’t being patient enough. The med he is on is completely different than the first time he was on it, in 10 days.

If she doesn’t improve there are facilities for people who cannot function in society - assisted living centers for the mentally ill. That might be an option. If you decide to go this route you want to shop around the different facilities because the quality of these places varies. Most of them are okay, though.

@flyingeagle. Wondering how things are going? Sorry if there is another post updating and I missed it.

She’s on resperidol injections now. It’s not helping with delusions but it has helped with negative symptoms. She is now refractory. She’s at home where it’s safe. They won’t try her on clozapine because of the weekly bloodwork as she has no insight and won’t do it yet. I see that she suffers from her delusions and may have voices but she won’t talk freely to her docs. I’m looking for ideas.

Just wanted to comment. My son also has very persistent delusions. Several antipsychotics have been tried, with no big successes. Just commenting on assisted living centers. Most of them that I have found that are affordable are not great options. My son currently lives in one - he is mid twenties, and is living with many elderly people, and many people who have much poorer self-care. It breaks my heart and it leaves him feeling very demoralized. He may have delusions and pace and rock, but he tries to dress well, and would like to eat foods of his choosing and have more privacy and appropriate choices for activities.

My heart is with you.

Sorry to hear about your son too. We don’t have these facilities where I live in northern canada. I’d have to relocate 2000km for that. I can’t due to work. Right now she’s ok to live with me. I just wish I could find some relief for her. For me too. I hope one day we ca all find proper treatment.