My mom will she ever get better?

Having a mother with schizophrenia has made my own recovery even more difficult sometimes. She’s talking to herself a lot non stop I’ll wake up in the middle of the night to her loud rants. I’m not sure what to do. She can’t drive anymore she let her license expire, so she’s stuck at home all day. She’s basically home alone and thinks that everyone betrayed her, that she was tortured, and she has to be affirmed constantly that we are who we say we are and that we’re her family. My dad can’t get her into a hospital and is really busy working two jobs, we have no state assistance and I’m not sure what his plan is other than eventually a permanent care facility or hospitalization so she can get her life back. It’s not fair to think she’s living years in delusion and psychosis when a pill could help end it and cure her of the psychosis. She’s in complete total denial and too sick to get help but she might agree eventually. I’m losing hope that she’ll ever be ok again. She has moments of insight and talks to me sometimes but get suffering is so horrible she’s just trapped in her sorrow.

shre could try clopixol, or Seroquel or maybe even clozapine if shes suited to it. By thw way I hope she improves.

im so sorry about your mom. Will they not accept her into the hospital? I think your dad has the right idea. She may need a hospital stay. I feel the same way about my son sometimes-like Ill never have him back. I also know thats not true. For him, all it takes is one shot, and he is already coming back. Dont lose hope.