Schizophrenia getting worse

Hi sorry I haven’t been on have had a lot of problems with Asher she is getting worse I don’t know what kind of help to get her.a few months ago she almost killed me.I had to call 911 and she was taken to the hospital and put up on the 8th floor again.Put on different meds that don’t work.I have asked them each time to Please put her on Lithium and still they don’t they just give her mood stabilizers that don’t do much for her.and at the end of November my husband had a heart attack because of her and he had to have a Triple Heart Bypass and was in the hospital until January 3rd.every house we rent we have to move because she destroys it put’s hole’s in wall’s smashes windows and mirrors .I don’t know what to do anymore I’m afraid for my life.She has no insurance still I’m trying her meds are expensive all I have is GOOD RX GOLD which helps somewhat.But she really needs proper help and medication.:question:What do I do :cry::cry:


I know others have better answers than I do but I wanted to say that your story touched me and clearly shows the inadequacy of our health care system. I hope she gets the help she needs.


Oh wow. So sorry for your pain. Any help I offer is through a shared empathy and pain.

SZ is a medical diagnosis, and an actual disease of the brain. The parallel with a child sick with a brain tumor, or brain damage from an auto accident reminds us how, as parents, we will do everything we can to heal our children!

But When our kids act so violently and attempt/succeed to hurt us, it kills a little part of us. The violence, damage, expenses, only add more pain to the loss.

The impact on our marriages, other kids, finances, physical and emotional health is nearly insurmountable. And the damage to our other loved ones (your husband’s heart, or my younger children’s trauma) is so painful.

No easy answers. No easy day. But. Most of us on this forum have lived your situation. And some of us have eventually found a med mix that works. Clozapine, lithium (and others) combo has changed our path in a positive direction.

That’s the key, finding the right treatment plan to address your daughter’s brain disease. Hang in there.


Ty you Sando for your help and kind words and the information on the right Meds.I will stay in touch :heart:

Ty Hanging in there for your kind words

I am so sorry for what you are going through! My son was on so many different medications and still smashed all kinds of things. Finally we found a practice that would prescribe Clozapine. It took years to figure this out, but finally he isn’t breaking things.

I don’t know how old your daughter is, but my son started these problems in late elementary school. Then there were years of practitioners thinking it was just puberty/adhd/adoption issues/depression and so forth.

I will be thinking of you. I hope you can find a clinic that can stick with you and figure things out. You are not alone.


Carolinamom, I looked back at your older post and realized Asher is your granddaughter. I don’t know if you are in North or South Carolina, but I can look up how you apply for disability for Asher.
Where I live, I am having to apply to become he guardian of my sons with autism who are turning 18 next year. It sounds like that would be a good idea for Asher.

An organization that I’ve found really helpful is ARC. I will look for a link for you.

Here is the page where you can choose your state:
When I was trying to get my twins with autism on Medicaid they were really helpful;


Hey @Hummingbird, you mentioned adoption and it got me curious as to whether you’ve done any research on whether this factor has a higher correlation to SZ. God used adoption to build our family of 3 children, and our first two were adopted at birth.

I understand that all adoption circumstances are unique and very personal, but it seems to be one more factor to consider for our child as we navigate this diagnosis. Just curious if you’ve seen anything on the topic.

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Hi, Sando,
From what I’ve read, it seems as if it’s most strongly influenced by whether or not there were biological family members with schizophrenia.

Also I think the experience of being adopted is a pretty big stressor if the genetic vulnerability is already there. My son found some close relatives by doing 23 and me, and I think there is some psychosis in the family. But one half-sister seems to be okay

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My granddaughter is not adopted we never did this we Raised her since she was 2 days old

How are things going? @carolinamom68

Not good,got some of Asher’s meds back still have to get 2 more when I get my SSI .I have to pay for them until I can get her back on MEDICADE .She still has out burst and a lot of screaming at the voices

Any luck at all in filing for disability or SSI for Asher? What do you need to get her back on Medicaid?

I have papers to fill out for Medicade and Still trying to get her back on SSI

I always dread that sort of paperwork.

Just needed to share but we got my son approved in SSI. Took a little over a year. Very paper-based, antiquated process, but we’re done. Got Medicaid and food stamps. Although I’m keeping my son on our private insurance and not using food stamps. Keeping those in place for if/when he goes homeless again. For now, living in an apartment, with a roommate. But still stays with us 80% of time (fears of all varieties and deep).

Lord the things we now accept and celebrate as victories. God help us all.


Boy do I hear you -


I know, (way, way back in 2013) I couldn’t understand why our son’s original psychiatrist told us to get those things in place asap. Later, they turned out to be his lifeline.

Now that you are established - get the app “Your Texas Benefits” and leave that initial paper world behind.

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