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Including SZ loved one in Holidays

How do you include your loved one who struggles with SZ in the Winter Holidays?

This time if year deepens my son’s sadness from where he lives in a group home in Vermont.

I keep to a tradition of mailing a gift, frequent e- messages.
Because he doesn’ t want to,
we don’ t visit much anymore.
Occasional video chats are few and far between.

He has often said,
“I don’ t want you to see me like this, mom.”
I fight back the tears as I type this.

The Holidays without them at the table are NBD.


I live with my son. We have a great relationship of trust snd love. We spend it together and with a friend usually or his brother.

But this year he’s in the hospital as I mentioned in my last post and I’m heartbroken as to how the hospital mistreated him snd caused a gross setback. I’ll be spending it alone wishing he were with me.


PS - His father rarely visits him and when he does it causes much stress to my son because he feels neglected by his father.

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