Ingrezza side effects

My son started taking Ingrezza for Tardive Dyskinesia a few days ago.
At first he was just sleepy. Suddenly today he seems to be having more psychosis than usual.

I don’t see anything about this in the listed side effects. The PDoc said to discontinue the Ingrezza and monitor how he does.

Does this ring a bell for anyone? My son’s brain seems to be so sensitive to so many drugs (not in a good way, generally)
Thank you!

Oh @Hummingbird , I am so sorry for the side effects. I have no input or experience on the subject, but wanted to let you know I hope it gets sorted out for you and your son.

Awww, thank you! It turned out he has some kind of bug with a fever. So maybe that was the problem.

He says he wants to go back on the Ingrezza because it stopped the lip movements.

We are so lucky that so far he is pro-medication because se he can tell it helps!

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