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Intrusive Thoughts

Thrilled that my son who has refused meds,seeing a Pscyh Doc, and thinks that therapy isn’t helpful, posted this on Facebook:
(If this link doesn’t work, google: moodsmith stop intrusive thoughts)


Wow, that seems quite insightful.

(My daughter is pretty much incapable of using a computer, doing Facebook, or researching or posting on her own, etc. She can barely operate a cell phone, and recently lost hers. I have yet to get her another.) I think it is great that your son can do those things, especially finding an article on intrusive thoughts and reposting it for others.

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I feel for you and your daughter. Perhaps you can look at the website and see if there is one or two points (on dealing with intrusive thoughts) that your daughter may find helpful. Maybe start with one and if that seems useful, then try another.


@Crushd Thankyou, I really found this information helpful, your son was most thoughtful to post it on his Facebook.
I wish I could share with my daughter, however , Anosognosia means all her fearful and self destroying thoughts are real. I will take the information on board though.


Dear Maggie46,

I am sorry that your daughter’s anosognosia makes her fearful. It has to be so difficult for both of you.

Take good care of yourself so that you can be there for her (as well as for yourself.)


My son also posts things about schizophrenia, which is the only indication I get that he acknowledges the illness.


Life is just passing us by, our beautiful daughter with a broken mind. me with a broken heart.
@Crushd Thankyou for your kind words.

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