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Investing in the search for Canadian mental health heroes

This year, the Trelivings are proud co-chairs of the CAMH-led program to recognise 150 Leading Canadians for Mental Health. “We’re asking Canada to tell us about a difference maker is in their local community or network,” says Sandi. “We know there are people that are so passionate and so giving when it comes to mental health. We hope they’re the ones that will direct the process for our committee.”

Open until July 1, 2017, Canadians are encouraged to nominate anyone they think is making an impact in the mental health space. These can be doctors, teachers, researchers, volunteers, or caregivers. “There are so many wonderful stories of hope across the country,” says Sandi. “That’s what we want to share, that’s what we want to learn from, and that’s the story we want to tell the rest of the country.” The program is hoping to showcase those who have made waves through research, philanthropy, advocacy, social change, and inspiration, in any capacity—local or national.


Perhaps some people here can recommend some people for this…

David Laing Dawson and Marvin Ross are Canadian advocates with a good blog called Mind You.

There is a great author and artist Sandra Yuen and some more writers with sz or sza from Canada who have books from Marvin Ross’s press…