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Is drug abuse the New normal among youngsters

When got admitted to the mental ward one year ago I only stayed there for two days because I found out that 75 % of the patients where abusing drugs. I’m really scared of drug abusers although I have abused the drug alcohol 20 years ago. I had to leave the ward because I was very scared of what they might put into my coffee when I didn’t se it.
Why don’t the authorities split the ward in a section for mental ill drug abusers and a section for mentally disabled persons only.

So, there’s a lot to unpack here, but why do you specifically feel afraid of people who use drugs? Are you aware that many people with un/under treated mental illness attempt to self medicate with illegal substances in an effort to feel more in control of themselves? It doesn’t make them anymore dangerous than anyone else.

When my wife was in an acute psychiatric facility she was attacked (just some scratches, nothing major) by someone who was there for an acute psychiatric crisis, no drugs involved.

Drugs don’t make people bad or worse people, they’re just people trying to cope with lives that can sometimes feel out of control.

I’m grown up in a family with alcohol abuse. I spend 20 on alcohol abuse and I stopped drinking 18 years ago. I know how dangerous drug abuse including the drug alcohol are. I lost most of my friends and some of my family to alcohol and drugs. The way peoples personalities changes when using just scares me.