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Is my son getting ill again?

my son has been diagnosed with psychosis and been on clozapine for 2years. Recently he has been really restless and scared “they’re coming” he won’t tell me who they are. He is also distant and distracted by a new voice. He’s stopped eating and spends all his time in his room not wanting to go out or do anything. I’m worried he’s becoming ill again. I’m not sure what to do.

I’d be worried too.

In fact, I get worried way before my son gets that ill.

Have you spoken to his treatment team?

My son takes Clozapine too, but he’s only been on it a little over 2 months. He still at just 200 mg/day.
How much is your son taking? Maybe he has room for an increase.

Hi kate,

That does sound worrisome.

Are you able to speak with his doctor or other health care provider about what’s going on?

Kate, I agree that it’s time to talk to the doctor. Many have suggested keeping a journal with dates and behavior. It sounds paranoid and the doc needs to know. Wishing you both the best.