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What comes next?


Hi my son has been in hospital for over one year , finally been told he is schizoaffective , he has been in different medications due to his heart and blood , however for the 3 time he is on clozapine, the conversations have all but gone when he is with me ? But now he has lots of different mannerisms, picking things up that aren’t there , touching the car door so many times , holding imaginary things in his hands , has anyone else experienced this and what do you do ? Every time I think I have a handle on his illness something new comes along , also the health care have just extended his compulsory treatment order for one year , that’s how it works in Scotland , any feedback would be appreciated x


My son used to do that but no longer does now that he is on medication (Invega Sustenna monthly injection) . Is your son actually taking the clozapine or is he getting an injection?


Hi he was spitting them out so the staff watch him carefully him and he is being changed to liquid , he’s not at a therapeutic dose yet to get injections


So do you think he is taking them? I’m not an expert but perhaps he needs a higher dose?


He says he is now but this is the third time trying clozapine in one year , he said they make him to sleepy but we haven’t got past the initial dose as due to his heart and bloods he needs titrated very slowly