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Is there no comfort

After weeks of being on a picu there now ready and wanting to send him to an acute ward even tho with a one to one he still managed to hide tablets to store to end everthing. And help for thae parents we seem to be by standers crying into our souls. Bad day

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When we had our first experience with our son in PICU there was so much unknown about the psych process. It takes a lot of time for the treating team to work out our loved ones medical needs and treatment is trial and error finding which is best. I read and read to find out as much as I could, I feel I’ve read as much as you can to try and understand everything but truely it is complicated as well the doctors and nurses don’t have one answer to fix all either. Everyone does their best efforts and we as family are always there never giving up on love and supporting.
A lot of people have good recoveries so there is a lot of hope in the psych world as well, be satisfied that you are doing what you can. Parents also need support and self care. It’s not easy seeing your child go through these struggles. I have wished so many times that there was a miracle or that it was only temporary but mental illness is an ongoing journey. Sending love xo

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Im so soŕry for you. Im having a crying day too so you arent alone. Did you contact Phil? Im not on facebook so dont have that option, i will email soon. Might help to be in touch with others here in the uk and to be able to meet up could be a real support.

I’m so sorry. Take time for yourself and get a break. You’ll be fresh to offer more later when you are most needed.