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I really don't know what will be next


My son is in hospital again.

He has been living in a house I purchased, I am there almost daily, he also has case management. He has been getting Risperdal Consta every other week, administered by a visiting nurse. He also takes something as a mood stabilizer. I am my son’s guardian.

Several 2nd generation APs have been tried. Historically, either, they have not worked at all, or have resulted in some improvement, but then we have seen deterioration in positive symptoms. I am not sure he has every really been without paranoia and delusions for quite some time. He still doesn’t have much insight into his illness, and feels his thoughts are all real.

I know hospital social services will contact me, urging me to consider residential placement for my son. This last episode included some suicidal thoughts, which will make it harder for me to stand up to this urging. (He also did some major damage in the home.) We have tried residential placements, but have been dissatisfied with the options - they are typically large facilities, with a population considerably older than him, and not oriented to therapeutic services, only remaining medicated and housed. When my son is doing better he loves his house, and he has never been comfortable or happy in a residential setting - missing the privacy and independence. Also, the ‘better’ ones will only accept people who are stabilized.

His PDOC has now decided to try 1st generation APs, and is starting him on Navane. As of yesterday my son was still very delusional and paranoid.

I just don’t know what I will do next.


I’m sorry. That is really hard. I have worked in several residential programs and I know how much they can suck. One option, if you’re willing to pay, or if you can find an agency that offers it, is to have a full time live-in aid who can be company to your son and call an ambulance if he needs it at any time.

Lots of people here have been very helped by short term residential placement. They could at least keep him safe while he tries a bunch of different meds until he finds one that works for him. It would still probably be unpleasant for him, but he might be thankful afterward if they can stabilize him. I think @77nick77 had a positive experience in residential treatment.


Sorry @Vallpen!
I think you have done all the right things.
As guardian-can you have him stay in the hospital long enough for him to be stablized?
My son has just moved into a house. He will never have to move again. He has been off meds for over a year. His choice and there is nothing I can do about it. If he gets in trouble, he will have to pay the price now.
He also didnt do well in residential homes-he didnt want to obey rules.
Hang tough-this will work out.
Wonder if Zyprexa injections would help?
Much love :hibiscus:


The beginning is really rough if you want to call it that. Some reiteration education of his diagnosis could help him come to grips of what he is going through. In my case no one told what it is I had and I had some rough moments. But don’t feel worried because there are out of the plethora medication or combo of meds and at dosages that will stabilize him. Enough to get him thinking of the big picture of things. It’s a long process that requires good care and needs to be weathered out.


They are giving him Zyprexa shots PRN in the hospital. And Navane orally - it is a first generation AP, similar to Haldol.


This will probably bring him around pretty quick.