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Urgent admission to hospital


My son is waiting for NHS England to find him a bed in a high dependency LD childrens unit urgently.
He’s on 6 mg risperidone, 30 mg citalopram, upto 2 mg lorazepam prn and up to 2 mg procyclidine prn. He hasn’t slept since Tuesday, has been in crisis for nearly 5 weeks. When he’s tried unsuccessfully to cut his wrists open, he’s tried to bite them open, he says robots have put bombs in his hands. He sees robots everywhere and begs them to leave me alone and not take his brothers away.
I met with the commissioner, psychiatrist and his social worker yesterday and they agree that he can’t continue to be cared for in the community. People with autism have so much red tape to get through to be admitted it slows the process down terribly. Now we are sat waiting with a bag packed for a call with a bed. Could be anywhere in the country. Exhausted doesn’t come close.


So sorry to hear what you and your son are going through. Hang in there - it gets better. Many of us have gone through similar difficult times and then things get better once people get access to good treatment. Don’t give up.


Please don’t give up. It seems with our son he always lets us know when he needs to go to the hospital but in the oddest ways. He was started on Invega Sustaina depot and we are hoping this will be an improvement since he doesn’t like taking his meds. It is so sad to see your child in this shape but keep. It is amazing what parents go through with these illnesses. No one really can understand unless you live with it. Suggest a nice bath to help him relax. Can you imagine if we went that long without sleep. Why do you think it takes so much longer?


Thank you @Mom2
I really have tried everything to help him sleep. He has complex special needs and autism, and sleep issues come with the territory to a degree. Autistic people don’t have high enough melatonin levels to fall asleep easily, so he’s been medicated for sleep since he was around 3.
He’s 16 now, but with his learning difficulties, he hasn’t really progressed beyond the age of 8, so he can’t be left unsupervised at night if he’s awake, so I’ve been awake too.
His meds make him feel so groggy, he can’t manage too much before he gets worn out, which is so hard to see. He should be running around the garden enjoying his summer holidays.
Yesterday we shopped for some clothes for his hospital bag, walked a friends dog, then cooked a curry together. He said he was exhausted, and nearly passed out in the shop.
He was asleep by 2am and is still sleeping now (6am). Ironically, it’s me who is wide awake!
He seems to get anxious at the idea of bedtime, which increases when he gets into bed, then he’s all wound up and convinces himself he won’t sleep. Then he comes downstairs saying “mum, my sleep isn’t going to work again!”, becoming a self fulfilling prophecy. But last night is the best night he’s had all week. I hope this means he’s working through it.
Still waiting to hear on a hospital bed. Such a horrible waiting game. :pensive:


Does he like to swim? I always sleep well after swimming. I hope you are able to get a break soon. Hang in there.


I am so sorry and hope you get some much needed rest for yourself as well.


@Mom2 he has complex learning difficulties, so he doesn’t have the coordination to swim unfortunately. Plus I have 2 younger boys, both with autistic spectrum disorders, who I can’t leave at home to take him out. Swimming is impossible as I can split myself three ways to watch them all.

He slept really well last night, but it’s 1.40am and he’s still up. It’s a hard balance to get. Let him sleep late in the daytime because he’s clearly exhausted, and tiredness makes the hallucinations worse, or make him get up even though he needs to rest and deal with the anger and frustration of an Autistic boy who just wants to sleep.


Letyian, I’m so sorry that you are going through this. I know how hard a choice that can be. Hope you get some rest soon too!