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Is this possible?

@hope - My son is 6’8" and I can only put three pair of his jeans in at a time (largest top loader) to make sure they actually agitate. I then add some t-shirts and/or boxer shorts to balance out the load. Its just cheaper and the clothes end up cleaner if I do it. My son washes with a vengeance!

@Maggotbrane - Luckily my Dad taught me a lot about working on my cars (even if I was a girl :upside_down_face:) in my teens and its carried over all these years to working on other things. I replaced a switch on my last washer and got another few years out of it. Hopefully this one will hold up for a long time but you’re right, google can show you how to fix pretty much anything - just be sure to cut the power off :grin: which I thought I had done when installing my dishwasher. I really hate that I can’t just say “sure, come on” in and not be concerned that my son will go off the deep end because someone has shown up unannounced to install or repair something without his permission.

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Which washer is this? I need it! lol


It was an lg stackable that was available over 3 years ago - as @Maggotbrane mentioned, it even plays a cheerful little song when it’s done. :laughing:


I would find the oddest things in the oddest places. We have to laugh about it when we can, it’s a stressful life.


Yes! We see this very same behavior maybe 1-2 times a week. What we have noticed, and actually my son always realizes it before us is that he has delayed his second dose of medication. He will usually say something like “Well this makes sense now” referring to his violent or aggressive behavior and go get his medication,
How old is your son? Mine is 23.

Ha! INSIGHT! What a novelty…! :sweat_smile: