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Is your son/daughter on Abilify and is it working?

Has your son or daughter been on abilify. Did it work well?

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@roseo My son tried it briefly for 2 or 3 weeks and had sudden angry outbursts which was very uncharacteristic of him so we went on to something else…Everyone is different though. .

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I only know of one person who used it some around 2009. At that time they liked it because it was not sedating. However, Abilify seemed to give them almost too much energy, so they had a hard time slowing down. Don’t know if it has changed since then.

A few years ago my daughter tried Ability but stopped when she felt agitated.

My son is on Abilify depo injections. It is only the second AP he has tried. The first one was risperidone. That one did have a positive effect on mood, behavior, rationality, etc, but sedated him far too much. He just couldn’t stay awake on it. He had a period where he was only taking anti-depressants, but he eventually had another psychosis and started on Abilify. From my angle, it is a huge improvement. He recovered a lot of motivation and because it’s a depo, he gains ground as he doesn’t “forget” to take it. From his angle, he still doesn’t like the sedation in the first few days (though that doesn’t always happen). And he has gained weight, which he hates.

In the last week or so, he has been taking sarcosine too, and for the first time in years, he sounds completely ‘back to normal.’ He is less intimidated by social contact, his cognition seems faster, and his motivation high.

We actually live in different countries, and he lives independently and looks after himself, so I can only go by our regular chats on the phone. But combined with Sarcosine, Abilify has been good to us.

That doesn’t mean my son will carry on taking it, of course. But we’ll see.

The weird thing about Abilify is that it can make you either up or down depending on the symptoms; it has a counter-active reaction because it stimulates serotonin receptors and inhibits dopamine receptors. Most people have a slight variation making Abilify unpredictable unless you know your specific symptoms and are educated by a good psychiatrist and nurse. I preferred Abilify over Seroquel, Geodon, and harsher anti-psychotics like haldol. I’ve read that long-term treatment can benefit someone. However, the only time I began to see a complete full remission of symptoms was when I began coming off it because it blunted me. I have not had a relapse or return of symptoms. It had an anti-anxiety and sedating effect on me also I thought it made me dysphoric at certain times. It also tends to lift my mood and think that everything’s going to be ok. I don’t know if it’s classed as a hypnotic

I really liked abilify because of its chemical action being different than other ones; GABApentin actually blocks and disconnects receptors where-as Abilify re-establishes that connection without blocking or damaging your chemistry. It’s not addictive but it’s psychoactive to some people, and now that I was off it; i noticed it is giving me anxiety and insomnia. I’m on a lower dose but i sleep better when I don’t take it at all. That’s because my symptoms have been gone for many months and I’m Bipolar so I just monitor my symptoms and if I feel manic again I will probably try alternative medicine like b-vitamins and tea which is the most helpful in this issue. Since I believe the root cause of both Bipolar and Schizophrenia or certain types is stressed-induced tissue depletion and the cellular damage caused by pollution. Also viruses, toxic noise and ultra low frequencies can cause it.

Toxins in the water and air, noise pollution like from new technologies and the rise of so much energy just makes certain people more prone to absorbing or can’t absorb it. I also think a lot of the time the way society subjects its own to harsh conditions or environments continues to misrepresent a disease.

I don’t think schizophrenia is genetic, in the sense that the gene variations don’t actually predict it just the likelihood under conditions it can be induced. People think maybe if DNA is more active than thought before, that adapting to to disease is causing humanity to evolve at a rapid rate. However, these adaptations are abnormal because the causes are not nature/natural evolution. We are adapting to diseases that our planet wasn’t prepared for. Foreign agents are causing us to adapt to them, causing mutations and some of them are abnormal or negative. That’s the biggest problem with cloning and monsanto. You see, if natural evolution is copied and altered then the earth won’t be able to self-regulate and the eventually all life on earth will die. Schizophrenia is a sign, a clue, that humans are adapting at a higher rate than before and that can also mean that evolution is at its highs—once again due to foreign agents in the atmosphere.

That’s my theory anyways.

My so is on ambilify and it has helped calm down his invasive thoughts, he takes 10 mg in the evening and 15 mg in the am.

My daughter is on Abilfy now I notice a real difference in her thinking but she over did everything and she did have a part time job but she had some really bad things happen to her and ended up back in the hospital for 5 weeks and then into a safe bed for another week.They where talking about putting her back on Invega.But she is still having trouble with voices .She has not be able to go out anywhere yet and has a real problem with company voices get worse.Ablify is the best drug as far as keeping her as if she has no disorder.But if she gets a overload it seems she is having more problems coming out of it.She takes injection now they have been given now every three weeks instead of once a month

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My son was on abilify and invega and did not do well. He is now on Prolexin injection every two weeks and it is a big difference.

I wish you well with your daughter.

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