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Just been diagnosed


My son who is 26 was just diagnosed with schizophrenia with religious delusions. It seems like he was fine one day, then he got saved at church, and within a week after that, he began talking things that made no sense to family. Things like wanting to make sure all family members was saved because he believed Jesus was coming that day, and he was seeing the devil, and he was giving money away to strangers because he said where we were going, we didn’t need money. He would go in a store and thought he could get something without paying because Jesus provides. …This is just a few of the many things he was doing. He is just started medication now for about a week, but he is still saying things sometimes that we don’t understand. Things that make no sense. Is there anything that anyone can suggest that I can do?


Hi, yes, you are doing the right things by reaching out for support and seeking to educate yourself about schizophrenia.

There are posts all over this forum that have links to education. The main site is full of articles and resources.

It takes a long time to orient yourself and learn to respond to delusions without arguing or agreeing. Every person who has sz is different and you will learn general knowledge as well as how to relate well with your son.

You might not understand what he is saying because delusions are deeply held beliefs that most people do not have. Delusions do not make sense; sometimes medication will stop delusions after a few weeks or a couple months.

From Psychcentraldotcom, “It is very important not to challenge the person’s beliefs or delusions. They are very real to the person who experiences them, and there’s little point in arguing with them about the delusions or false beliefs. Instead, move the conversation along to areas or topics where you both agree upon.”

If there is a NAMI Family and Friends Support Group in your area, you can meet people in person and ask questions.

I hope everything goes well for you.