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Well last Friday we had another explosion of rage all bc he got in trouble the night before and I took his 0 how easy and car keys. He refused to let me drive him to school and it just escalated from there. He once again trapped me in the house and refused to let me take my other two kids to school. I finally had my limit to the abuse and called the police for the 1st time. They took him to the hospital for another evaluation. Hospital had us pick him up Saturday night and in the rain he refused to get out of car when we got home. Rain is pouring down and between my husband and I we could not get him out so I had to once again call the police. They all tell him he just has to fOllie our rules til he is 17 and he can do what he wants which is disturbing that these adults possible parents themselves are telling a mentally unstable child this. Sunday was a good day no problems at all. Monday he skipped school but says he didn’t. School called and he was punished with in school suspension. This was not his first time to skip! Later that evening when we discussed what happened at school he flipped again and kept me from leaving. after physical struggle and I tried to fight him off with my belt to get in my car he jumped on the hood and refused to get off. I had to call the police again! They came out and of course he tells them I was beating him with belt when really I was trying to get away from his abuse. they told him the same thing again! Today the school called and said they found 3 cell phones and a iPad that were stolen property and he is now in big trouble for theft. one good thing is today I finally found a dr that treats 16 yr. They were kind enough to work me in this evening. I don’t understand why my son is doing all this


You may want to look into self-release moves that are not violent in any form. A solid martial arts course, class, dvd will teach you these moves, which you have to practice. For each hold someone attempts on you, there is a self-release move that is non-violent. This practice may help when your son attempts to dominate over you or someone else.

Sometimes folks with sensory overload have to defend against against such overload. Your son may not be experiencing sensory overload at all. I do not know. It sounds like your son is rebellious and I am sure you would like to know why.


The police are probably telling him anything so the problem doesnt escalate. I cant say what is going on with your son, but let him suffer the consequences NOW–or you will have something on your hands later! I made a big mistake in this. He has to start learning now.
Glad that you found a doctor-hopefully he can find out what is going on. If nothing else, I would tell him that you will take him to a shelter if he continues this behavior–and mean it! Whatever else is going on–he must learn this.
Let us know how it goes with the doctor


Take aikido courses they teach martial arts that focus on deflecting attacks.

Aikido is so cool if you want to see it in action watch a Steven segal movie the earlier ones are his best.


You have to understand that your son is sick, and he isn’t rational. I know it’s frustrating, but you can’t expect normal behavior from him. It sounds to me like your son could be classified as “a danger to himself or others”. That is the criteria needed for a forcible commitment. I think the best thing you can do for him is to get him in the hospital and get anti-psychotic medication in him. Get him on med’s. That is the best thing you can do for him.


I am sorry to hear that…Does he complain of hearing voices or any other delusions?


Sorry to say but he sounds totally classic a danger.

You gotta figure that if he is ever in a situation with strangers he may not be able to control himself.