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Another day

Yesterday the school called with concerns of stolen property. he manipulated his way through it and the principal believed it. Later we had an appointment with the psychiatrist and he gave him Risperdal and Depakote. The Dr said he was to young to be diagnosed with anything at 16 and I responded then what is going on. He said some is typical teen stuff. I he talk to my son for 15 min got his side of story and I’m sure he did just that. He is a great liar! I pray the meds help! On the way home he started throwing pieces of my car out the window and threatening to rip up the RX if I would just say it’s ok to be with his ex girlfriend. All this abuse and torment is feed by him just wanting to be with This girl. Their relationship is not good. She try to break up and he threatens he will commit suicide. He has her so messed up in her mind she now doesn’t see how dangerous the situation has become And still wants to be with him after all the verbal abuse and control he has done. So we finally made it to pharmacy and he won’t let me turn them in. I get out of the car and asked the pharmacy to call Dr and do verbal call in. I had to stand at the pharmacy window for my safety as my son thinks it’s ok to belittle me. Car ride home he takes the rx and threatened to throw down the toilet and not take. I finally called the police again and I was very blessed to have 2 officers that told him straight and gave him a reality check against all that my son has believed. He took his meds and I thought he would go to bed and call it a night. Nope!! He proceeded to continue to make me understand how he hates me and how this is all my fault and it could all be prevented if I … I asked several times for him to go to bed and he refused. He spit in my face and put his gum in my hair. I tried to get away but finally was able But not without having a struggle. The cops do not understand he doesn’t hear what they are saying. Their is something blocking him from understanding. My daughter came hm minutes after I left and he threw a drink on her and some food. I told her to take off and start running and I would meet her down road. He followed and again jumped on my car as I was driving. he finally got off and we left for a little while. I come home and he has destroyed my room. Seriously destroyed my room! Do I wait and see if there is hope these meds help and just suffer through all this or do I call the police again next time he starts And have them take him to Juvy? I really appreciate all the advice I am truly lost between being mom that doesn’t want bad things to happen to her son and a mom that is scared.

I would say call the police. Your son is reeling out of control. Someone is missing something, but it is clear you and your daughter should not be tolerating abuse and destruction.

I’m going to be blunt…

What you are putting up with is unacceptable. Putting yourself and others in harms way is not the answer. He is one step away from causing you some serious bodily harm. If you are in the hospital what is going to happen? He could be charged with domestic violence.

Over the past two years I have had to do some serious thinking on my son’s behaviors. I think what may be happening is that how your son is acting and treating you IS more behavioral then psychosis related. I used to get so mad when I heard my son’s treatment team say ‘It’s behavioral’. To a certain degree they were/are right.

IF he is so psychotic that he is not in control or can’t control himself then he needs to be in the hospital.

I think he needs to go to juvy. It won’t stay on his record, and they can force him to take med’s there. What he is doing is unacceptable. You don’t help him by protecting him from the consequences of his own actions. He needs to learn lessons about responsibility and accountability.

Yeah he needs to go for a reality check and juvy prolly just the place.

You are going above and beyond the call of duty as a mother trying to help him in the kindest possible way but sometimes real help is not kind it can be tough.

Thats where the term “tough love” came from.

You also have another child to consider.

Does she deserve to be treated like that?

I have to agree. This could get worse. I would have the police take him in–I would also not let him back into your place when he comes out. I think maybe the mental health courts, or the state should take over.
Please watch out for your daughter and yourself. This is not something you can deal with alone.