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Son out of control

Today I tried to talk to my 28 yo son, who has schizophrenia, to let me take him to get help NOW. I thought he was listening at first but then he yelled jibber jabber at me and slammed the door. My husband went outside and my son swung at him. When I went out they were both wrestling on porch floor. I called 911. Ofcourse we can not find him anywhere. Police went to his house…about 5 minutes away. He wasn’t there either, but noticed his TV ( new) was smashed, multiple holes in walls. Wierd thing is we dont know how he got out of our house without us seeing him. Anyway… he desperately needs to be hospitalized . Police said to call them if he comes back and they will come talk to him about needing help. If only it was that easy.


Oh Shallcro, I hope this works out where your son gets some good treatment. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Hugs to you.

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So sorry to hear what you’re going through. It’s such a long process to something that may be close to normal. Hang in there. You’re definitely not alone. My sons 25 yr old and lives with us. He’s on so much medication that he paces around like a zombie. It’s hard to watch what he’s going through but I’d hate to see the alternative.

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We still have not heard from him. I’m sure he is at his house…We just don’t know what to do… I’m on edge… just feel as something is about to explode… My daugther texted him, but he won’t answer her either. I just pray he somehow gets admitted.

I hope you find him and he will go to hospital. My son refuses treatment and meds, is Anosognosia and it feels so helpless. He was asked to leave the house again 4 weeks ago because he got drunk and belligerent. Time passes and then he is sorry but things never change. 3 days ago he came over asking to just be able to take a nap as he was very tired, after his relentless pressure, I gave in and let him sleep in his old room for few hours. I walked outside and noticed his car was totally wrecked, I was so upset and disgusted. It was apparent that he got drunk again and had an accident, didn’t sleep all night and just wanted to rest. After confronting him, he finally admitted he did drink but hurt no one else. Will never get the truth from him and this vicious cycle has taken a huge toll on our family. We are learning every day how to let go and “let God” assist us in All ways as we need it and so does he.
I hope your son gets the help he deserves and needs, such a difficult devastating illness that takes its toll on the entire family.


my son was like that alot, it was pins a needles, never knowing when it was going to happen. Did the police talk to him? My son would take off also. The police called him the runner, he lived with me. Now i want him to have his own place. I can’t count the televisions, holes in walls. busted mirrors. but every time he did go to hospital on his own, was always in the more depressed state. Then he would ask to go. For his illness this wouldn’t last long. so i was like lets go.

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The police never saw him, so they didn’t talk to him. I know isolation isn’t good for him, but that’s what it really is with him living alone. But we just can’t take him living with us.

Threat to someone, is grounds to get him hospitalized, and put back on meds.
My son now takes once a month injection, so don’t have to worry of he is taking his meds.

I totally agree. My son used to take the once a month injections but started refusing because “he hates shots” . He was about to start on the once every 3 months injection when he decided no more meds…

We saw yesterday that my son had busted 5 windows in his place, shattered mirrors and more holes in wall. We called crisis center to ask for recommendations on what to do. They thought he needed an intervention because he is becoming more violent. So 3 police cars, crisis center and my husband and I met at his place. He finally went peacefully to a 24 hr observation facility. Today they called and were going to discharge him. NO WAY. we all know that they can hold themselves together for awhile. After I talked to Dr and gave hx they did admit him. Thank GOD. I hope he takes advantage of this… we’ll see.


Yep, about right, wait till the hospital tells you to: “dont bring him back as there is nothing we can do”… been there…

He was a threat, so when you find him make sure the police take him to hospital.
He sounds like he is off his meds. Been there with our son.

i understand how youre feeling @Shallcro…my son was aggressive and spat at me…we went to the police and had him sectioned under the mental health act…we arranged with the police to have him picked up unknowingly at 530am when none of the neighbours would know about it

the police were really understanding…it was actually their suggestion to come so early in the morning, they deal with this stuff often…

anywy, your son has been violent and is unstable so I would approach either your mental health team or the police to get him admitted to a psych hospital

I hope things improve for you

Thank you. Yes he is now hospitalized. He seems to be doing better …ofcourse. He’s taking medicine. I wish it would continue but it never sticks. He is telling me there is some new program that someone will come to his place every day to check on him for awhile.

Where do you live ?

My son was hospitalized 11 days. Got home. Same thing. Not taking meds. Vicious cycles