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Just wanted to share this discovery

My son and I are always picking up samples of various products at a local health food market that sells supplements and recently we picked samples of this product (Theanine Serene With Relora) and I personally was very surprised by the results I felt after taking it. I tend to be a little high strung, excitable at times and easy to feel anxiety although with mindfulness and counseling I am getting better. This supplement after just one dose gave me an uncanny calm feeling…not sleepy…just clear minded and very calm and almost verging on a calm, mild happy feeling, very nice in fact and very mellow but still very alert. My sz son who always appears calm (I suspect due to his meds) said that he also felt these same feelings and I was surprised.

I knew my son is very unlikely to complain about anything like pain or depression or even anxiety, not because he has nothing to complain about but because he is weak on those kinds of verbal skills…he has to be in extreme dire pain or agony before he will vocalize anything about it to me or anyone…so I am usually pretty hyper-vigilant about his health because of that. He said this supplement made him feel “calm and peaceful” and he said this before I commented on it. I didn’t know he wasn’t calm and peaceful anyway but apparently he felt there was room for improvement.

This made me think I needed to share this…I have researched all the ingredients, and I am familiar with most of them anyway…they are all relatively harmless with no notable side effects…but I advise everyone to do their own due diligence in advance anyway…there may be other brands but this one has proprietary ingredients so not sure if others would behave the same as this one. Maybe it can help some of us either caregivers or sz sufferers in some way at least with severe anxiety or relaxation. I hope it does. We are planning on making it a regular supplement for both of us to use in the future.

I really believe that things like this can be helpful to supplement medication… my daughter finds that aromatherapy can help her calm down.

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I just started using a melatonin product to help me sleep. It also contains L-theanine (as well as chamomile, passionflower extract and lemon balm).

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Those are great ingredients. I take melatonin too. I usually buy Chamomile and Lemon Balm in tea form. Holy Basil tea is really great too…sometimes hard to find though.

Which aromas does she like to use?

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Forgot to say, I doubt I get much Theanine from my sleep jellies, since I only take about an eighth of the recommended dose—ends up being less than 0.5 mg. I’ve found that the less melatonin I use, the better it works.

Haven’t heard of Holy Basil tea, but I have seen the plant at a local herb sale. I’ll look for that next time I go.

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I buy Organic India, it’s a little pricey but for the benefits I think it’s worth it. I get it at the local health food store.

Eucalyptus or lavendar are some of her favorites.

I like aroma therapy too…for me!

But I did get a diffuser for my son last month. I said I got some Siberian fir essential oil that smells outdoorsy and you enjoy the woods. He refuses meds/supplements so very much to my surprise he agreed and thought the ‘smellies’ might be nice.

I like to use lavender essential oils to help with insomnia… I tend to think too much during the night and that can make it hard to sleep…

My hospitalized son likes lavender also, I send him laundry detergent with a lavender scent and he likes lavender Dr Bronner’s liquid soap. I think it helps relax him.