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Kim kardashian . HIPAA

due to HIPAA law she knows her husband is sick and can’t do a thing for him …
I hope and pray she doesn’t get bullied and shamed by the media and works for the Mental health issues.
Tweet her or contact her ( we need her power and voice ) . if you feel this would help… she has a VOICE and is living it. I have and also sent her info on #IM NOT SICK
Xavier Amador - NAMI and their connections

Please do the same


Agreed Mojoclay! My son started talking about how the country needed to be run like Wakanda nearly a month ago (my husband saw him posting it on twitter). I explained to my husband it was from Black Panther and a friend pointed out Kanye West was saying that is how he would run the country. Flash forward we saw what Kim Kardashian’s intagram post. Explains a lot! I actually saw some people who responded to her post saying Kanye needs to take responsibility for his behavior. They just don’t get it. He does seem to have a small bit of insight though. At least he was able to discuss it on Letterman. I’ve never been into watching the Kardashians, but Kim has gained a whole new level of respect from me. I will definitely message her my support. It would be great if she would join forces with the likes of Demi Lovato.

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Wasn’t she also studying to be a lawyer? If she ends up passing the bar, she has the potential to be an effective advocate with her media following.