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Hi Barbie!

**Dear @BarbieBF~
Havent seen you on the boards lately. Im guessing that youre dealing with a lot right now. Just wanted to let you know Im thinking of you, and sending ((hugs))… **

Hubby and I just moved. My son is back in a shelter again. Other then that I have been working on my blog and my new Facebook page to promote awareness. There are so many blogs etc that I want to read and videos to watch and promote regarding mental health awareness. Not enough hours in the day it seems :wink:

Thank you for thinking of me. :purple_heart:

Sorry to hear about your son! Hope this will push him on to a better place. And moving on top of that? I was watching the Oscars last night and it started me thinking of writing a book or making a video about my sons life. I wouldnt even know where to start!
I`ll look for you on Facebook…