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Shaka3...anyone in contact?


Does anyone know how she is? I read her book when my son was first diagnosed and it was so helpful. I like reading her posts here, too…she is very helpful. I hope she is doing ok. Her progress/improvement over the years has given me hope for my son’s future.


I’m pretty curious to see how she’s doing too.


Try internet(facebook).brooke kutz,


I don’t know if I can post these?


I had an E-mail exchange with Brooke in June. At that time, she was working very hard to get the best mental health treatment she could.



That Facebook link is not her. I emailed her on the old forums long ago about clozapine, and that person is not her.


I remember Shaka3 and am curious how she is doing.


Thank you for information.I thought even try her to be friend with her.


I hope she is doing well.


I have mixed feelings about her. Years ago she attacked me on another forum and when I had a go back got me banned because she was friendly with the admin/moderators. That showed me the malicious and nasty side of her.


@shaka3, I hope you see this and know people are thinking about you!


Everybody has a malicious and nasty side to them, lol. It’s just a matter of timing. I have a malicious and nasty side to me too. The trick is not to be a bully with it.