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Latest with my son. anger, hoarding, running water

I haven’t been on for a while, though that doesn’t mean every thing is ok. My 29 yo son has been in/out of hospital three times this past summer. Nothing has helped him. He still has no insight on his illness. We had his old trailer demolished because he literally ruined it . His anger outburst made holes in walls, smashed anything in sight to pieces. He runs water continuously, which overflowed quite often and ruined his flooring. Cops had to make numerous visits. Now he is with us, and does a little bit better. The anger outburst have been less often, but he still does it. ( took a pan to my granite counter and broke a piece off) He admits he gets angry, but won’t say why. I know he argues big time with “someone” ,cusses, yells. He actually went to Florida with us, which I really was surprised ,but glad. He continued to have outburst there. I had to call sheriff one time in two months. He mostly sleeps all day and awake at night, pacing, etc. We are going to start working on a court order for meds. But, if anyone has this for your loved one, how can you FORCE someone to take their meds? I am lining up a virtual tele-heath visit with a psychiatrist , for medication management. We just don’t know what else to do, but I worry about my and husbands health with so much stress. One new behavior for him is hoarding… yes hoarding. His bathroom is piled high with what ever he collects that day; my stuff, husbands stuff. I asked him what we should do about his bathroom, he said nothing, it is perfect. we have to turn water pump off at main breaker… we have tried all the machines that sound like water. Its just a sad way to live, for us and him.

This is such a hard situation. If he is taken to the hospital by the police they can keep him for a few days and depending how the doctors see him, the doctors may or may not force medication. Without guardianship there is no much you can do unless he is threatening you or himself. Have he ever being on meds and have worked for him? I find ironic that police is able to administer an anti-overdose medication to a person with a drug overdose without consent but not an antiosychotic to a person in a deep psychotic episode because he has the right to reject meds. The US mental health system is sick.

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So difficult. Sorry for your painful situation. Our 19 year old is likely not going to continue all meds but One thing that has given us hope is a long-acting (30 days) injection. Invega Sustana (not spelled right probably). It’s a mood stabilizer and helps him avoid his outbursts.

Point being, maybe he’d at least consider one shot once per month… versus daily pills which I know overwhelmed my son.


We were able to get an outpatient treatment order for our son after an involuntary inpatient admission. Criteria for outpatient order varies by state. No one enforces the order or follows up. You would have to report non-compliance to a judge. We were in South Carolina at the time, he was connected to a mental health clinic who administered a monthly injection. If he refused the injection, we would fill out violation outpatient commitment paperwork; police would be notified and he would be returned to inpatient care. He never refused, even though he had poor med compliance for quite a few years prior to this court order. Our son was destructive and violent when he was psychotic and had 3 hospitalizations in 2 years so he met criteria for outpatient treatment order in state of SC. This was the best thing that ever happened to him. His brain healed, over course of many months his delusions, hallucinations grew quieter and finally stopped. He was able to hold part time job and he gained some empathy. Each person’s reaction to medication is different, but we had really good outcome. He was 21 years old at time of outpatient order. He did shot for about 18 months( 12 months court order and 6 months willingly); he did not like the way made him feel. Too tired for days after shot, so he switched to pills same medication after his outpatient treatment ended. He is 26 now doing well, takes his medication daily on his own and has developed some insight into his illness. He moved out age 25 for first time; he has been in transitional housing for past year and works part time.


My son was just admitted, again. Third time in 6 months. He is doing good at present, still in hospital. Says he feels best he had in a long time, and assured me he will continue them at home,. I’m not sure what pills he is on. So I’m praying he will.


My son has been involuntarily hospitalized 3 times since April, does this qualify him for an outpatient treatment order? We live in SC. Do you mind if I ask what medication worked for your son? My son’s doctor just switched him from Haldol to Rispiridone and he is feeling really terrible on it. I thought he was doing better and didn’t complain of any problems switching the medication but I suspect at the time he wasn’t swallowing it. I know he is now because I can see how bad its making him feel.

Its not that clear cut and easy. Not sure if it outpatient treatment order in SC can only occur after involuntary hospitalization as discharge plan or can be ordered by judge directly to outpatient. I would go to probate court and ask to fill out application for/or see requirements for outpatient commitment. We are no longer in SC and only had that one experience there. I do know there has to be ongoing risk violence.

Medications work very differently in each person, what may work for one person can cause problems or not work in others with same diagnosis or symptoms. The drug that works best for my son is abilify. Its sometimes long progress to find med that works best for each individual. Hang in there.


Update on my son. He was hospitalized 2 weeks. Came out and was WONDERFUL. He had goals, wanted to go places; felt like I had my old son back. Then he said he wasn’t taking the medicines anymore… how heartbreaking. Now back to sitting, staring, not doing anything. His room is awful with clothes, etc everywhere. He doesn’t even do his laundry anymore. So sad.