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Latuda works great, it retails for $1000 a month 30 day supply


I thought I’d share my frustration with the mental health system. Latuda is a good drug for me, few side effects. I’m lucky to get free samples right now as it costs $1000 a month retail, $400 a month for me with my Medicare Part D insurance. Anybody else experience with Latuda? I take it at night with my dinner. I don’t qualify for Medicaid, I have a Medicare Supplement policy just like a senior citizen over age 65. I’m on SSDI. I have an autoimmune psychotic disorder.


How has that price changed over time for you?

I know pharma companies have a tendency to raise prices whenever they can…


I don’t know how Latuda prices have changed over time, but it’s totally outrageous at $1000 a month! I went to meet with a Medicare advisor this week and she explained to me my cost nightmare with this particular drug. She thought perhaps Medicaid would refuse it, maybe why it’s not mentioned much on the forum. I hate the Invega shot but it must be the cheaper solution. Problem is that it, Latuda, works the best of any drug I’ve tried. So frustrating!


I was just told that the Invega Sustenna shot is $1,800 a month.


Omg, you’re right! says $2000 a month for the shot, I can’t afford that either!


What person who needs the shot can afford it?

Our doctor says people with psychosis have to go through all the cheaper, generic “first fail” meds before any insurance, including Medicaid or Medicare, will consider Invega.


Serequel seems to be affordable but I hate that stuff


My doctor said that they like the Invega shot because. 1. It goes straight to the bloodstream and 2. No worries about if the patient missed a dose or did,t swallow the pill.

I see the chemical torture haldol is $4 a month, no wonder the use of that garbage continues, it is more torture than help in my opinion.


I have not had any experiences with Latuda where my son or my sister was concerned, I think there should be some further discounts for you somewhere…that is a steep price. I am glad it is working and that you have been able to get samples. I found this link…you may already know about it.


Thank you for that link, but it’s no good for me, it’s not an offer valid if you have Medicare. :person_frowning:

I’ll use this for leverage if she takes my free samples away.


bummer—good luck keeping the free samples!


Hi @NiceHat,

Janssen, the pharmaceutical company that produces the Invega injection has a patient assistance program. We used it before my son suddenly decided he no longer wanted to take an injection. With the coupon they provided, the cost to us at CVS Pharmacy was only $10.

Here is a link:

Good luck!


Thank you, but I don’t take the injection as it causes such horrific akathesia


I thought I’d share that Sonovion, the drug maker will provide a free 14 day supply and one 14 day refill if it’s phoned into the pharmacy. The pharmacy should call Sonovion at 973-644-2360.

Next they suggest calling You Medicare Part D insurance provider , the number for mine at Aetna is 866-503-0857 to request it to be moved to a Tier 3 exception drug that costs $47 a month, or $140 for 90 days. Better price for 90 days. Latuda is a Tier 4 drug that costs over $100 a month.

I don’t have Medicaid.