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Invega help please


tell me about invega


It is somewhat similar to Risperdol in that it does the same thing, treats psychosis, controls thoughts and improves mood, I think it may be time released too if I remember correctly. This may be the drug that is offered in monthly shots to make it easier for compliance but I don’t recall for sure. My son took Invega in pill form for awhile, and it helped some to reduce the voices and calm his delusions but his doctor decided it wasn’t doing enough for him so we switched to Clozaril which ended up working a lot better for him. Here is a descriptive link on it.


You are correct, it is the once a month shot and my son did very well on it as far as sz and bpd. But he did gain a lot of weight so decided he didn’t want it anymore! Ugh!!


My son has been on it for 6+ months and it works great for him. It’s a once a month shot. We’re still adjusting the dose down as he’s a little light-headed from it, but as soon as the dose is right for a few months, he can go on the 3-month version of this, which is Invega Trinza. His voices, hallucinations and paranoia are completely gone at this point. He has gained quite a bit of weight (probably 35 lbs.) but he’s aware and is working on losing a bit now. He would not take medicine and wasn’t aware of his illness so this was a Godsend for him.


Did not know they have a 3 month shot that is good news.


Yes if the monthly shot works, they can go to the 3 month.