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LPS Act, SB 640 trying to change 'gravely disabled' to help our loved ones

This is an interesting watch. Senator Moorlach is actively working on changing the current LPS law changing ‘gravely disabled’ to help our loved ones in California by implementing SB 640. The court’s are getting it and hopefully this gets approved next time around.

I also love Dr. Drew and this watch is amazing - he is 100% correct!

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I agree! My State is also listening to information about changing the law in regard to involuntary commitment. I learned that the Treatment Advocacy Center travels around the country to promote this necessary action in states where the law makes it extra challenging for people with SMI to get the help they need BEFORE they hurt someone or themselves or end up in jail. TAC has data that shows how States SAVE money by making this change.


I love it so much - go TAC! I’ve been quite active lately in the political arena and quite surprisingly, I really enjoy it. I’m getting so strong and I suppose the old saying that God doesn’t give you what you can’t handle is proving true - at the moment. I’ve been given these circumstances of adversity for some reason. I couldn’t even get out of bed 4 years ago when my son had his first break, but now I’m advocating so loudly - it’s wild! I am inspired by all of you and I will never stop advocating for our loved ones.

Xo, Jen


Thank you for your advocacy efforts! The more voices we have to bring about change, the more likely we will see good changes come to fruition!

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YES!!! about time, we all need to rally around this and get it moving and passed. Our loved ones and US have waited too long for this, it is the right thing to do.
I have been doing this with my unofficially adopted son for 8 years now, his symptoms are a roller coaster and he is anosognosia. So sad and frustrating soo many people suffer from this and society does NOTHING… like watching your loved ones drown while standing there with your hands tied. Sad story in news about mother taking her son to ER for MI and security guy body slammed him, then the cop slammed him to the ground and another one punched him in the face. All unnecessary if we all educate ourselves. Stay safe out there and lets keep pushing for this Much Needed law to change.


YES! Like watching someone drown, so true! Yes, people are literally fighting for their lives and safety every single day! So, enjoy your privilege in action or get political, get loud, advocate and #vote! We can’t stop our fight! My instagram post yesterday …


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Oh, and here’s the link to that incident. So sad and of course everyone involved in the incident lies, but hey guess what, there are now camera’s everywhere and the truth will come out! That family is going to have a nice lawsuit! They are staying firm on the up-charges of a felony - such BS! My son lived in NC for a year and was at this ER more than once with his dad. This is too close to home for me!

Oh, I just found out that the cop is no longer working with the sheriff’s office! Bye-bye!

Sorry, this stuff just makes me lose it!

I understand. There is so much education and advocacy to be done!

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