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Update on SSA Hearing

Praise God! We received a letter from SSA stating the decision for disability hearing is fully favorable. I not sure what happens next or how long it will take to get the benefits. We are just really thankful and happy today.


Finally!! This is excellent news!!!

Such welcomed news, I think you should have a check within 30-45 days max,. then each month thereafter, Let me know how it goes. I am so incredibly happy for you and your daughter.

@dkgreg Did the SSA give you a dollar amount of the benefit? You don’t need to say the amount, but I’m just wondering if they gave it to you. Our family member received verbal notice of approval for SSI through the attorney we are using, but it was subject to a phone “interview”, and after that interview, additional documents were request to cover the time elapsed since the application was submitted. As guardian, I also had to verify that information in their version of our application was correct. Well, the data in their records was all mixed up (our loved one has had multiple hospitalizations and temporary living arrangements). So I’ll be figuring out how to deal with this. It’s like dangling a carrot before a horse…we never get the carrot.

So far we have only received the fully favorable letter from SSA. We still need to get the award letter and have not been scheduled for an interview yet.

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It’s still good news!

That is good news. Just bring all the documentation you have to the interview . Even phone interviews you can reference what you have and send it in later.

I started a summary of all the hospitalizations, medications and places he lived and keep that up to date - even today. It has been 4 years since he got SSI. Now I need it as he is off meds and I need to prove to the court he is sick. Good documentation is your friend through this process.

Best of luck you passed the first step!