Life insurance restrictions

I recently received yet another “invite” to take out term life insurance but this time I actually read the fine print. One of the three health questions reads “In the past three years, have you received any treatment for OR been diagnosed by a doctor as having heart trouble, cancer, stroke, lung disease, liver disease, kidney disease, lupus, ALS, schizophrenia or dementia?”

If less than 1% of the population has schizophrenia, why are they including schizophrenics in with physical illnesses? Anyone else see this on offers they may have received? I would think they would have included bi-polar or PTSD due to their higher rates of suicide.

I’ going to call the insurance company just to see if they can offer an explanation but chances are, I’ll just be talking to an agent who has no clue as to why those restrictions were imposed.

Update - I called and of course the agent did not know why schizophrenics were included but did say that whole life insurance had no health questions while the term life did. I suggested that if he were asked about “odd” questions, that he elevate this particular question. So, if need be - take out whole life when the premium is lower and no health questions are asked. And, if you have an agent you can discuss it with personally, I would ask them before doing anything at all.


I didn’t know that, thank you for your post.

This was an insurance invite through AAA. If others get invites from other companies, I’d be interested in finding out whether or not this was one of their questions.

Just got back from lunch with my son who insisted on going out to eat. Ate half of what he ordered then had an “episode” for no apparent reason on the way home. Has already kicked in the side of my truck and seems bound and determined to damage the interior. :palm_tree:

Some days are just worse than others. Have a good one, all!

Oh gosh @Pookey52 , so sorry your son had an episode after your lunch outing, and has destructive intentions towards your truck. I hope you have a few good days to balance out the bad. Hugs.

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