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Lithium side effects

I wrote some months ago about my daughter having a psychological break. She is now back home after being placed on Lithium & Resperdal. She is having severe side effects from I think the Lithium. Has anyone had thoughts on Lithium?

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The good news with lithium is they can do a blood test to check levels and make sure the levels are okay. If she still has side effects, maybe a different mood stabilizer?


what are the side effects?

Less common:

Confusion, poor memory, or lack of awareness
fast or slow heartbeat
frequent urination
increased thirst
irregular pulse
stiffness of the arms or legs
troubled breathing (especially during hard work or exercise)
unusual tiredness or weakness
weight gain


Blue color and pain in the fingers and toes
coldness of the arms and legs
eye pain
noise in the ears
vision problems
Incidence not known
Dry, rough skin
fast, irregular, pounding, or racing heartbeat or pulse
hair loss
mental depression
sensitivity to cold
shortness of breath
swelling of the feet or lower legs
swelling of the neck
unusual excitement