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Living in constant fear

Hi again
My sister is being really mean to me and mumbles that she wants to beat me up. I try to avoid her as much as possible and I’m always nice to her. I don’t understand why this illness has made her so violent and angry toward her family that loves her. I feel so alone and in the middle of everything, my parents are taking things on each other and blame each other and are constantly arguing and I’m just here alone with no one to talk to, no friends no nothing.

Hi , Sorry for your troubles , have you thought about seeing a therapist to talk to ? I have just started with some sessions and it really helps . It can relief your stress . Also if the situation gets bad then perhaps try leaving the house for a little while and go for a walk or jog , exercise can help too. This illness is hard for your sister and all her loved ones so try and be patient and educate yourself with this disease as it will help you understand your sisters symptoms and why she behaves in this way . It can be so difficult i know but try and hang in there .

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You’re very kind Linda, thank you for making me feel better and giving me advice. I will try to talk to a therapist, I do need someone to talk to, hopefully that will help me calm down.

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